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October 17, 2009


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Being first on your comments is #1 for me right now. We can help out right away with #'s 60 and 35. Well, I really just mean parts of those two listings.

The whole list is a life time of choices. Those you are working on as time and energy allow. Good job.

This is excellent! What a wonderful thing to do. I may have to start one of my own. I do love lists.

Yes. Let's all work together to achieve the dream of turning off that weird TypePad comment box thing. It annoys me.

There are 3 state parks within 20 miles of my house. Just sayin'.

Hope everyone is feeling better.

PS: I just read your latest tweet and it made me laugh so hard I almost peed. That sounds like something Marcus would say to me.

Here are 3 of my current dreams, in no particular order:
1. To raise Dean to be a respectful, responsible person.
2. To own a Kitchenaid stand mixer.
3. To retire and move to the Florida Keys where Marcus and I will sit on our dock, drink coffee, hold hands and fish every day.

This is why I like Looking At Frema - you really do speak for many of us, women who are maybe afraid to admit we're not perfect. You admit it! With warmth and humour!

ps - #9 is very achievable and an important life skill, especially one worth passing on to your kids:)
#14 if you're anything like me may not be so achievable *sigh*

Just have to say The Babysitter Club was my FAVORITE. Did you not cry when Stacy moved to NY??

This is a great list. I love reading your posts, because I can really relate to a lot of what you write. Although I have to tell you that watching the ball drop in Times Square is not as fun as it sounds. They heard you into pens, and if you leave your "pen", it's hard to get back in, and on the off chance you do, you'll end up in a "pen" much farther back. Also, you're surrounded by people smoking. And it's really cold. Of course I made the mistake of going at 8 weeks pregnant, so that could have been part of the issue.

Also, I adored the Baby-Sitter's club. I read every book.

I would love to visit more national parks and camp as a family. I love amusement parks too, but camping vacations are cheaper and probably just as much fun if not more!

And the change a tire thing- made me laugh! My dad made sure we could before we got our cars, which is good because I have had to change mine a few times. I have even helped a male friend change a tire once!

I love so many things about your list!! Thank you for posting this.

I sometimes think of posting mine, but then I get all self-conscious. Maybe I should put "post list to blog" as my number 101.

I love this. I wish I had the motivation to actually sit and think my own list through but I know it would just end up being a list of my immediate needs, like- 1. I want a cookie 2. Find someone to bring me a cookie. 3. Eat the cookie.
I know I have dreams wrapped up in my head somewhere but they seem so unattainable now that I think it would just depress me to think about them. On the other hand, maybe it would do me some good.
#27, #35 and #41 would for sure be on mine!

I love this list, and the idea.
I could help you out with # 13 (I am a native Hispanic so I can help you with that)
Also I could help you out with #59 and # 80. I currently live in Costa Rica, my home country, and we have some of the best white water rafting experiences here as well as with the surf.
I know that you might probably say hell no, but its just an idea, hehe.

I was asked to do this same thing in a workshop about seven years ago when Nick and I were first engaged. I love returning to my list and crossing off things I've accomplished. Number one was marry Nick. Check. Number two was have healthy children. After having Elias four months premature and spending years in the medical world i marvel at my emphasis on putting in the word healthy. I also look back and see a much more self-centered young woman, not yet a mother, who had dreams like climb Denali that now hold no interest. Reading your list makes me want to do it again as a mama bear in a different stage of life. Thanks for sharing this Frema, there is a lot on your list i can relate to:)

I have BEEN to that fountain in Austria and it is incredible. A Fantasyland.

I will do a half marathon with you next year if you like. I need motivation/a partner in crime. The 500? The circle race in the fall? You name it.

If I ever do my "homework" and blog about my own list, I get to copy many of your line items. Seeing as our lists overlap a bit, and I helped you think of a few of them.

Great list, Frema.

Is it okay if I blog stalk you? :) I love your posts! Sometimes, like this time, I must copy. At least this time it's per your instructions. :) Truth be told though I only read bits and pieces right now b/c I'm afraid if I read them all I'll end up copying your list instead of making my own. So once I finished mine I'll come back and read yours, I promise!

You could do New England and Harvard in the fall. I recommend taking the Vermonter train from NYC to St. Albans, VT. See the foliage from the train. Then, make your way back to Springfield MA and then take the train into Boston proper and visit Cambridge across the Charles.

Also, you won't find an elephant there but Ghana is a good stop for a first Africa visit. Small, stable, English-speaking. An overnight flight from New York no different than that to most to Europe. You can try for E. Africa (and elephants later) -- Tanzania is beautiful.

I love this! I am starting my own list.

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