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October 26, 2009


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I took up knitting a few years ago and have knit a blanket for my mom (several years ago) and a new one for my dad last year (in his favorite football team colors). It took a lot of hours but it's so much better than one I could have bought at the store. Now if I could learn to knit something like a computer or new TV (ha ha!) Good luck with your project and knocking those items off your list!

My 10 year old taught himself to crochet via the best teacher evah (according to him) youtube! Gah! So if you can't find anything at the library there is always that! I would love to learn how to knit but can't find the time. Good luck with your list. You are inspiring me to write one of my own.

I took up knitting when I was on maternity leave. I made a change purse, then started a scarf. Annnnddd...that's that. So yeah, I can relate:)

And I totally hear you about Christmas. My husband's family doesn't do gifting, and mine barely does, so we're lucky. Megan doesn't know the difference, so she's getting some used (but new to her!) toys I picked up at a flea market. We are in no financial distress, we just abhor conspicuous consumerism. Unless it's shoes for me or something:)

I am going to second Erica's comment about learning on YouTube! I would suggest maybe getting a book, and then when they tell you to "cast on" or "knit" or "pearl" or "cast off", that you just enter that in Google. Sometimes a video is much more helpful than a book!

Oh my goodness, Kara and Nathan are both beautiful!

I was going to learn to knit a while back. Bought a couple "How To" books, but never even cracked them open. Knitting seems like a good way to relax in the evenings and I'd like my boys to have something I made them with my own two hands. :)

I get what you are saying about Christmas...This year I have decided I will turn my kitchen skillz and time (no kids!) into Christmas gifts. Homemade fun! I will be canning orange marmalade, making chocolate truffles, and hopefully some bread (for the marmalade to go on, of course!) And also making up little jars of hot chocolate mix...kind of a hodgepodge of stuff, but I figure I can make a cute little basket of all the stuff and with using cute fabric and ribbons and labels, be good to go. For not all that much money. Just time and energy.

Good luck with your crocheting! (or as I like to call it crotch-it-ing.) (looks dirtier when I type it. sorry.)

Death to the TypePad boxes!

Gah, with the cute children! That video made my day. At the end, it sounds like she says "Don't work!" That's awesome that your sister will get to be there for Nathan's baptism!

Thank you for the reminder that WOW! craft stores offer classes. I need to get my butt to Michael's. I am the opposite of crafty unless it ivolves icing.

We're feeling the holiday crunch, too. We spent nearly $500 on airfare alone last year to visit my in-laws and there is NO WAY we can do that this year, especially since my husband is in two weddings this summer, both really far away from where we live. I'm dreaming of a quiet Christmas at home, just the three of us, that won't break the bank.

I am crafty, but I don't remember one lick of any knitting beyond the cheater type (which is now popular - you can buy the rings to make hats, etc almost anywhere).

And that video of Kara - I am surprised she is so well behaved with the phone1 AJU5 is all about pushing ALL of the buttons!

oh my gosh, my son does the same thing with the phone, he usually hands it back to me when he wants me to talk and says "thank you" in that adorable toddler talk :) I am currently being taught how to crochet (sp?) ive heard knitting is alot harder, maybe give that a try??

I'm loving the color, and can't wait to see it finished. Also, I'm loving your child and all the fun he is. How much he has grown in the last month!!

My college self was really into Eyore. LOL!

Can't believe how big Nathan is getting. Wasn't he born like yesterday? He's adorable. Also, that sippy cup was Nick's favorite until he discovered cups with Elmo on them.

I really want to learn how to knit. I'd love to be able to make scarves for my boys instead of buying yarn and asking my MIL to make them because I don't know how. It's on my list of things to do.

There is sadly no easy button. However, once a project is started there is a certain momemtum that comes into play. That then makes the whole thing seem more productive.

"An entire afternoon, when really all I needed was one night away from the damn TV. Why do we make things so hard for ourselves? Or, more appropriately, why am I so lazy?"
HOW TRUE, HOW TRUE (for myself, I mean!)

So glad my computer is home from Best Buy Geek Squad so I have time to read you again (it's been miserable these last 3 weeks)!

It's funny how daunting those little projects can seem until you do them and realize they never had fangs at all!

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