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October 20, 2009


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So cute, I love these updates. We were so limiting with Gabe when he was little, and now not so much. With two young kids running around, it's sometimes the only break I get in the evenings and on the weekends. Nick has just discovered TV in the car, and now every time he gets in he tells us "Mouse on", because Mickey Mouse Club House was the first show he noticed. He still doesn't say no, instead he say "uhuh" while shaking his head. And yes is "da".

It's nice to know that I'm not the only parent that has a child with delayed teeth. Nick is still missing a bunch of them, including the two incisors on the bottom. Our dentist is mildly concerned, but won't worry about it until his next check up.

Love the pictures, Kara is adorable! Also, odd, but your Dad is the same age as mine. He turned 49 in May.

Holy crap, that's a good drawing!

Oh, Kara. How are you 22 months old already? (Says Jen in total denail that Dean will be there in a mere 2 weeks...)

Dean eats Cheerios with milk some mornings. I still have to help him guide the spoon to his mouth, or else they end up in his lap. We also use a bigger spoon for cereal, which makes it a little easier for him to shovel it into his mouth. And I put newspaper under his highchair pretty much every time he eats these days, lest my tile be splattered with ketchup, pasta sauce and the like.

The picture of Kara with the broom is priceless!

Kara and AJU5 would make a good pizza eating team. AJU5 loves the toppings (olives especially). Then she will eat maybe 2 bites of the crust and cheese!

And the TV thing - AJU5 is on 3 shows (about 20 minutes each) a day or less. This is mainly because I am too exhausted these days to fight her in the morning. Luckily, she also plays and eats and drinks while watching (and I dose off because there is only so much Curious George and Word World I can take).

Kara & Dahlia are exactly on in so many ways! Well, I think they're only a couple days a part after all! I love these updates. I wish I was better about writing mine down!

Wow 22 months already!!! They are growing so fast, mine included :'(
Kara looks so adorable with the broom. Sarah does the exact same thing, but with the Swiffer.
Sarah is now watching 2-3 shows a day, distributed in 20 min each during the day, Dora the explorer, Curious George and The Backyardigans.

I love to see these updates. Kara and Miriam are only a month apart and sometimes Kara does things that make me think - maybe I'll introduce Miri to that (this time: the vegetables). We also recently purchased bath crayons which were a big hit. Miriam's way of saying no (in her vocabulary since May) is "nokay!" which is hard not to laugh. I hope you have a healthy house soon! Any thoughts about potty training at your house? I could write another paragraph about where we are on that...

With the head on the left, the bath drawing could also be a short horse or a pony. Or perhaps a rare breed of dog.

My 21 month old LOVES to sweep, but she is dangerous, swinging our broom around. I bought her a cute broom and dustpan set off Amazon for Christmas. http://www.amazon.com/Schylling-BROOM-Little-Helper-Broom/dp/B000BN8Y8G/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=toys-and-games&qid=1256089797&sr=8-1

We got the kiddos brooms and they both LOVE helping me sweep out the garage (and by help I of course mean make a giant mess of the dirt I pile up). Keaton has had all his teeth (except his 2 year molars which he's working on now) for 6 months but Rowan didn't get ANY of her incisors until right before she turned 2.

I just LOVE Kara's hair. And that picture of her and Luke is too much. I can't believe how giant these babies of ours are getting!

WHat is it about brooms and sweeping and toddlers? Megan too LOVES the whole process, the gear, everything. Getting her a small broom set didn't help - she just wants to use the big Oskar broom and dustpan and I end up crouched over using her wee little broom!
I am very impressed with Kara's stamping. WHenever Megan gets ahold of stamps all she wants to do is stamp her arms, legs, the table, chair, wall etc.
Also - I am awe of Kara's hair!
Finally - she can do cheerios! This is something I learned from daycare - they give them cheerios there in little bowls with milk for snack and even at 14 months old Megan was capable. I wouldn't have ever EVER tried. Some of the things that I've learned toddlers can do are all because they do it at daycare:)

I am looking forward to seeing Kara do all these wonderful things at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Just an idea--we give our 19-month-old daughter cheerios with milk often. I give her a straw to slurp up the milk and then she uses her spoon to eat the damp cheerios. It's one of her favorite foods and there's no mess really except for the errant cheerio or two.

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