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October 09, 2009


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Wow! How time flys. Changes at different rates all the time. He has moved right ahead in his young life.

You might try a ring sling or one of those ergo carriers. When B got to heavy for me to comfortable wear in the bjorn, I switch to a ring sling. Can't belive I didn't start with a ring sling--much more comfortable!

Seriously seems like yesterday that he was born! And now look at him. My they grow fast.

What a sweetheart! I can't believe he's already old enough to have teeth. That monkey outfit may be the cutest thing I've ever seen. I can't believe Dean didn't have one. We are all about the monkeys over here. Happy 8 months, Nathan!

Our little guy didn't get baptized until he was 9 months old, so we opted for khaki pants and a button up shirt. He looked very handsome.

I just can't get over how big and handsome he is. I feel like he should still be 3 months!
I had the same epiphany with teeth. Rowan didn't get her first until she was 11 months and I was completely shocked when Keaton got his first at 5 months.
Not sure what your church advises, but we are Catholic and had to have a white garment to put them in (I think this is universal?). Most religious stores carry little outfits that go up to 12 months, but the boy stuff is, well, kinda ugly. We ended up getting Keaton one but at his baptism a mom had just gotten her son a plain white sleeper (the Gap ones with the tiny bear patch) and I was like "Um, duh?" and also"Wow! That would have been much cheaper!"
Keep up the good napping, Nathan!

I can't believe Nathan is 8 months!!! That monkey outfit is adorable and totally destroys my myth that boy clothes aren't as cute as girl clothes.

Megan got her first tooth at four and a half months so I've always assumed that if we have a second, he/she will be exactly the same. DUH! Your epiphany is probably right! Each child is an individual!!

He's so adorable! Congrats on the first tooth!

I cannot wait until the big boy is doing all those wonderful things at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

I think that one of the little boys at Kara's baptism wore a long white dress. However, any nice outfit would do. Perhaps, Nathan's Daddy does not want to go with the dress deal, and Jesus does not care either way.

Oh my God I am such a bad sister. It's been ages since I've read your blog. Shame, shame. I'm so excited to learn about Nathan's 1st tooth! He looks like such a little boy in the pictures Breain! I can't wait to see you guys! I can't believe he pushed the frickin' cart across the room. Danny was just learning to do that at your house last July! Holy moley. In regards to the baptism, they have baptismal outfits ranging in all sizes...or you could just put him in a nice dress outfit, or a suit. Whatever you guys want. All the focus will be on that handsome little face. I love you!!!!!!!!

I've looked again at Nathan in the box picture. He has continued a family tradition of getting into some kind of box. His uncle got into a stove one time when he was little, but his mom did not think it was the thing to do. The dad had taken a picture of that stove drawer with him getting into it. He was being watched the whole adventure. Still, that was not good enough. Nathan's box is a lot safer.

I can't believe he is getting so big. He's adorable. Every time Nick hits a new milestone it makes me weepy. And he's 18-months. It almost makes me want to have another.

I have to laugh at the diaper change. AJU5 still runs away or stands up 95% of the time!

ADORABLE!!! Santino didn't get baptised until he was that age as well. We went to JC Penny and they had baptism outfits in all kinds of sizes. (We didn't end up buying one, and just had him wear a little suit which was awesome!)

Just for comparison's sake - mine has 4 teeth as of 7 months old, but doesn't say much of anything other than daddadadad, freaks out likes yours, is all about the 9 month clothes, is right there with Nathan on pulling up on everything and God's punishment, can't crawl in pants either, is taking longer naps, and also scrambles and flaps arms. Just so you know your little one isn't crazy all by himself. :)

I really don't know where to start!!!. WOW 8 months already. Congrats on the first tooth, and as comments above: I can totally relate to the feeling, when Sarah had her 4 teeth break out, at 4 months old (yes I know 4 at once, horrible). I though, what happened?? When did time fly by?? Where is my baby???
But oh well they have to grow, even though we don't want to. :)
For the baptism, anything that you know he is feeling comfortable in, (of course for the big event has to be super cute), but something that you know he is comfortable in. Because if he is not comfortable, he will make sure that you know and then caos will come, and then you wont be able to enjoy such a wonderful milestone.
Well thats my thinking. Hope it helps

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