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November 29, 2009


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What a beautiful post- and I love the family photos! Glad you still write!

The children get along so well together. That is a real joy to behold. Life is a good.

So beautiful. I, too, am so thankful for you.

What a wonderful post! So glad to hear of someone who is so genuinely happy with their life - and especially with Luke and the kids you certainly have a right to be! And the generosity of your job is so wonderful too!
The Aveda shampoo gratefulness just made me laugh!

That is such a wonderful list! The pictures are perfect! And finding just the right shampoo is priceless!

I got teary eyed reading that. You have such a way with words. Beautiful. Also. I love the photos. What a gorgeous family. Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

Your family is beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving and all too soon, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Oh my goodness, where oh where has this year gone?

Aveda makes some GOOD shampoo. This is a great list. Lots to be thankful for!
Awesome pictures! I adore Nathan's sweater vest. Also? Kara DOES look just like you!

This is such a gorgeous gush of thanks. Love it.

And that last picture is fantastic!

So beautiful! What a great post. Love the photos!

What a beautiful family you are. The kids are growing so fast.It is hard to see the babies fade into toddlers.I love that we are getting most posts from you.

This is just wonderful! I wrote a few thankful posts this month and its so great to take a step back and look around and really take stock of the good in life.
Love your photos! LOVE!

I cannot believe how long Kara's hair is! And yes she looks just like you- two beautiful ladies!
It's nice to stop and evaluate just how much we all really have to be thankful for- thanks for sharing yours!

What a lovely post! It's been quite a while since I've been by, but as always you made me laugh and tear up.

And they are right, Kara looks just like you!

That was a very beautiful post! And you got your Christmas picture to boot! Happy Belated Thanksgiving. Sounds like you have all your ducks in a row. :)

I love the candid pictures! They are very cute. I bet when the kids get older those will be great memories!

Great post. LOVE the candid shots!! I also turn 30 next year, only in May. I'm a little more anxious than you about it though. :-)

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