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November 17, 2009


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When Maggie was teething (and had earaches) at 9 months we moved her to a Nuby sippy cup. The liquid came out easier than the bottle. She never went back to the bottle and it was easier to hold - just a thought. He is sooooo cute! Definitely the cutest pumpkin on the block!

He is awesome. I love his little argyle sweater vest in the picture with Ryan! It's hard to believe he's 9 months old already.

Just read Luke's dream list by the way, and it rocks. Hard. You guys are inspiring me. I think I'll work on one and maybe make it my last NaBloPoMo post.

I love taking my kids places, one at a time. It reduces headaches, haha, but also I get to remember who they are without the other kids, as individuals. We always have fun. :)

The look on his face in the pumpkin costume is priceless!

I can't believe he is already nine months old. It doesn't feel like it has been that long since he was born! And he is such a cute little boy at that!

He is just a doll.
One-on-one time is hard to come by. That's awesome you ventured out on a trip with him- I don't even like to take the kids to the grocery store alone (I'm a total wuss when it comes to travel, clearly). Good for you and here's to hoping those two cuties let you and Luke enjoy a few evening out!

What a guy! He is happy male in those stipe shirts.

So other kids do that "kiss and embrace favourite pages of the book" thing too? It must be one of those innate responses like rooting and sticking out the lower lip when upset!
Thanks for the update!

Wow, he is a strong, healthy little boy! Love the Cheerios picture!

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