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December 23, 2009


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What about a thin cotton robe for the gym? It shouldn't take up much space, and then you can wiggle on much of your clothing underneath. It took me a while to be comfortable in the locker room too, but it will get better!

Congratulations on your dedication!

You won't feel so bad about yourself once you've seen mulitple ladies over the age of 55 hanging out nude, chatting it up, in the locker room! EEK!!

I love the HS comment :-) I don't think anyone used those showers -- didn't they store old fans in there at one time?

All of your talk about running again is almost pushing me to the point of signing up for my first 5K.

Your inhibitions are not silly! Totally normal and we all have them. I never showered in high school gym class either, no one did and you couldn't have paid me enough to get into those grimy old unventilated stalls. I didn't get used to naked until the year I was obsessed with bikram's (hot, sweaty) yoga and showers were simply not an option. Now I'm fine with naked! Mangled breastfeeding nipples and all:)

I liked the stalls at the gym I used to go to (like 5 years ago). They had two compartments so you could undress and redress ebfore entering the actual locker room area. But, when that wasn't an option (in college), I would stuff my underwear and bra in my toiletry bag and put those on before leaving the shower. Then I didn't feel so bad about exposing parts of my body (although I still kepts the towel around me until I was dressed).

Good job on the start. Thinking out the pre-training was a good plan. Keep a balance with enough sleep. The body needs to rebuild to get stronger.

I'm the same way about getting nekkid in front of strangers. When I used to go to the university gym, a professor I worked with once carried on an entire conversation with me while buck-naked STRADDLING A BENCH! That's just not ok.

I miss understood a nurse one time who was asking me to lift up my shirt so she could attach some monintors and I took off my shirt instead. She told me she really didn't need me to take off the shirt but I told her I am a mom, ever since the doctor delivered the baby I have accepted that my body is no longer my own and if someone doesn't like what they see, they don't have to look. Besides they will know you are working hard at being fit when they can see those parts melt away, you might inspire someone to try harder.

Wait...some high schools actually have you shower after gym? ;)
In no way are you a prude - simply normal.

Merry Christmas!

Congrats on getting started! I'm like you -- I guess some would call me a prude, but I can't get down with changing in front of complete strangers, either.

We also never had to shower after gym. They even built in showers when they built a new gym, but nobody ever used them. Not that they gave us enough time for that, anyway.

Never comment - but I KNOW this one! Here's the secret: Two towels. One worn normal, one around your shoulders.

Underwear, then pants, then bra, then undershirt, then shirt. Adjust towel A and towel B as needed.

I swam and showered at the gym until I was 9 months pregnant and girl there was no way I was dangling my preggo junk all over that locker room. And I was so big that I had to bring my own super sized towels. But with two, you can totally get entirely dressed from being totally nude without so much as giving the tiniest peep show.

Also - no one there cares even a little :)

I'm always way more preoccupied hiding my own girly bits than to even have time to glance at anyone else's back fat.

Once I get my underwear and pants on, I just turn toward the locker as much as possible to put on bra and top. A little side boob shot never hurt anyone :)

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