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December 17, 2009


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I started bawling when I saw the title and I now I'm just a blubbering mess. That song is perfect, just like her. (And incidentally, a very special song to me.)

Happy birthday, beautiful Kara! And way to go, momma and daddy, on two years of great baby-raising!

Happy Birthday Kara! I loved the picture of her pointing her finger at Nathan...like she was saying "Ok little brother, I am in charge!" so cute.

Aw... crying at my desk right now! Kara is so great. Happy Birthday!

That was beautiful, happy birthday Kara!

Happy Birthday, Kara! It has been just so awesome to watch her grow these last two years.
We had our first big scare with Rowan's "woobie" this week. We couldn't find him after an hour of searching and almost the whole house was in tears. Finally we called her dance studio and someone had picked it up off the floor and turned it in. So at 9pm Bill went out to retrieve it and by the time we brought it in to Rowan she had fallen asleep. She was VERY joyful when she woke up with it in her arms.
I am so impressed you got such a great shot on your own! We always need some relation doing a song and dance to get the kids to look in the right direction and smile. So cute!

Awwww....happy birthday Kara!
What a fantastic song - I don't know Kara IRL but it really seems to capture her personality. And make me tear up any time I hear it.

I loved the part about drawing. I am the least artistic person ever, and am constantly drawing babies, bananas, apples,grapes, and the dog on demand.

ps - I will never tire of seeing that gorgeous hair and then sighing with a tinge of envy as I stroke my child's poker straight, wispy-thin locks:)

What a joy she is to be around and to think about even 140 miles away. Time moves forward. Progress is happening. Just being able to add to her life is greatness in so many ways.

I rarely comment but have been following your blog since you did your soap:) that was fun.. and have watched your children grow into a beatiful family for you all!!! it has been fun to watch and see other moms going through this thing we call life.. .and so much to learn from you and your family! they have gotten so big and are beatiful!

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