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January 04, 2010


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I am so there with you on #31 right now. Hopefully I can fit back into my normal clothes this year!
Also with you on #27.
#14 hit home on some levels too - we love Papa Murphy's pizza and spend a sad amount of money on diapers...

Really great post! I love it that you write about your life so truthfully- the good and the bad.

Excellent list. I"m so glad you've been able to settle into yourself this year. I'm also hella impressed with your fitness regime. Jillian and I are going to give it another go this month.

Parker_B is right--your honesty is and always has been so refreshing. It's why you're one of my favorite blog friends!

Also,I know I don't say it enough, but Luke's a freakin' superstar. Happy New Year to all of you!

You were so inspiring to me this year, and I thank you for that. Looking forward to 2010. :)

Also, I really like the format you chose for this post.

Oh my goodness. I made your LIST! Wow. Thank you. Hoping I can live up to your expectations of fabulousness. You said I was fabulous, right? :)

I'm loving that you had such a great 2009. And also that you're such a Tori Amos fan. (Because this means perhaps you'll burn me a few CDs of her latest stuff. Heh.)

I could maybe swing a movie date to see The Lovely Bones if you want to try...

It's been so long since I followed your blog and I'm so happy I did!! YOU LOOK SO GREAT! Frema, you're gorgeous! Your babies and family are GORGEOUS! Congratulations on your successes over the past year and on life in general. I will certainly check back more often! Give your sister my love when you see her!

What what a year! I so admire your commitment to exercise and general well being- it is such a motivator for me. Although I don't know how anyone can come out of the 30 day shred LIKING Jillian Michaels :).
Here's to good things for you and your family in 2010!

My favourite part is that you went out for burgers on Christmas Day because no one felt like cooking - that is AWESOME!

You might have the most refreshing outlook on the interweb. Happy New Year to you and that beautiful family of yours!

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