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January 20, 2010


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Ah - I enjoyed reading about your twenties and learning more about you before I started reading your blog! I'm sure your 30's will be a different kind of awesome!

Um, wow. I loved this. I've read through some of your archives but never had time to get your full story- thanks for the cliff note version!

Since I only started reading your blogs about 2 years ago, this was a kind of cool way to know some of the background! And being 30 isn't bad. Although, I really don't feel this old...

GREAT! now I have to copy this one too. :) LOL! Looks like you've had a nice full life - here's many more decades!

If you ever wonder why you're one of my favorite people, remember that you once used the phrase "Fell pregnant again" in a blog post and that should about sum it up.

You certainly jam-packed a lot of livin' into your 20's! Here's to another great decade. Thanks for letting us all come along for the ride.

Look out 30's! :)

I love your style. You are the first blog I ever read and had no clue what a Blog even was. You have shared so many wonderful moments of your life with us all that I feel like we are old friends. Can you imagine Kara and Nathan reading this when they are your age? How special and wonderful.Thank you. You keep writing and I will keep reading. I have to add that one of my favorite things here was and still is TLF. I think you had a wee bit more time back then. Gosh you had us all hanging on by our teeth waiting to find out what was going to happen. Ah, was it really that long ago?

Awesome post - thanks for all the info! Makes me nostalgic. Kudos for getting such a mega-project completed too, I would never have the patience for all those links!

Oh and I loved the chunky loafers in 2000...I used to wear those things all the time! Brings back memories.

Have you watched season five of Lost yet? YOU MUST! We just finished. So so worth the big time suckage/investment.

I am so glad to be a part of that ten years. They have been a real joy for me to watch and see the developments. Grandkids and the rest have added to life's positive side. As always, good job.

I love this!!

How great it has been, especially through reading your thoughts as it all unfolds, to have blogged the last five of it. Also, I loved seeing the picture of you and Luke at your SJC graduation, and then seeing the two of you now, at the end. You have so much to be proud of, with your relationship, your kids, your career and your personal development.

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