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January 31, 2010


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Oh gee, has it been a year already? Your kids are so cute. You did a great job on the video. I know cuz I'm cryin.

Mine were 13 months apart, too. Girl first, then boy.

They're 5 and 6 now, and I honestly still cannot remember the day kid 2 was born. I have a two year period that my memories don't cover, although I know I was there because I have pictures. Though not as well-catalogued as those with my first.

Don't get me started on the baby book. Actually, at this point, I don't even know where it is.

My point is that my kids are older now. My son is the happiest, silliest little man, and he has not been left feeling less or not as much because I don't remember the details. My kids are best friends, and both of them have a VERY definite sense of their value and worth in the world and in this family.

Don't be so hard on yourself. I know it seems so lopsided and unfair, but in reality, it is. You can't be the same parent to two that you were to one, and that's actually okay. Both kids will benefit from that, believe me. My daughter is a better person for having my son.

What a sweet pumpkin. Happy birthday to Nathan and congrats to your family on quite a year!

Happy Birthday, Nathan!
Getting to one can be the hardest part for some babies- that was certainly the case with my second. Every day of this year Nathan's personality is going to come out and oh, boys are so fun, mischievous and sweet. You guys are in for an awesome year!

Happy 1st birthday Nathan! The pictures are great :)

I have 5 children altogether. 2 children 17mos apart and my last 2 are 19mos apart...life is hectic, but we survive...sometimes i just sit in awe of the craziness/business that happens daily...but then i can't imagine life any other way....your family is gorgeous..here's to another fantastic year :)

Wonderful year with a wonderful little guy. I can't wait to hold him again.

I always love your reflective posts, and this no different. What an awesome job you guys have done with two babies this year! I had forgotten how difficult a baby's first year can be in between having Jackson and Marin (less than three years apart...no, I don't know how I didn't remember) but there have been definite moments in the baby chaos of my days this year that I have given mental kudos to you and Luke for doing it times two. Thank you, as always, for allowing my family to be a part of yours. We love you guys.

Happy (belated) birthday Nathan!

My baby book is almost completely empty (as I am the youngest of four and we moved when I was about 3 months old). Sometimes I wish there were more pictures, but that is about it. And, my husband is making sure I take pictures of AJU6 so he doesn't get left out on the baby book thing (although my husband is the first and has lots of pictures of himself as a baby).

A beautiful birthday tribute!

I think it is more of a focus with the first child. First is first. Every detail is taken in 100 %, wheither it is that important or not even important.

The second child's actions are sorted by experience as to what is important or not. Older parents are wiser parents. That is just the way it is . Love is all around, but loves know what is what the second time around.

Happy birthday Nathan! The rate you kids are growing up is starting to make me feel old!

And Bree...my sister is the youngest and there are way way fewer pictures of her than me. Guess what? She's totally well adjusted anyway!

Happy Birthday little one. Welcome to the "one-year-old" club.
(My son was one on the 6th.)

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