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March 23, 2010


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OH MY GOD. This is so something I would do. Thank goodness Luke was home and that Kara slept through the whole thing.

Sorry you had to go through all of that locked in situation. However, you told the story oh so very well. Good story telling. So, very real in it feeling.

Oh my Lord. Even though I laughed here and there I am a mom too and I felt your pain. What I loved was at the end where you mentioned you were already drafting an entry for us all to read. In front of the entire neighborhood(1982) I drove away and left my new baby (#3) in his seat on the couch. They all saw me run inside with no baby and come out with a baby. I wanted to die. Someday you will write a book and I cannot wait.

Now, Mrs. Frema, you know as well as I do that every kid born in our generation was purposefully left in the car if they were asleep. Granted, maybe we weren't locked in, or only 2, but still...

Now, as a mother in our generation, I get it. I'm glad she slept the whole time and everything worked out. I would have been freaking out right there with you! And my husband would have said/done the same things yours did. Go out and get my car - Nissan Altima - supposedly it won't lock if the keys are still in the car... very handy to know!

I'm so glad you shared this. Classic!!

Oh, so sorry that happened! Great story, though! I remember being left in the car as a child (with my brother and sister) while my dad ran into the grocery store. He told us to keep the doors locked and honk the horn if anyone strangers approached the car. Hey, *no pressure* though! Ah, good times....

I love this story. I'm sorry you had to live it, but this is one for the "Greatest Hits" page!

I still think we should have taken a picture of you blubbering on the sidewalk, tearing at your hair, while Kara slept peacefully in the driveway.

Ha! But that didn't really happen because you kept your cool pretty darn well given the situation. Also, you are adorable for getting worked up at *all* worrying about what I was thinking. Trust me, I'm not worth the fuss. ;)

I'm laughing.

I know I shouldn't be, but I can't help it. I've SO done that. Except I did it at my husband's boss' house in extreme heat for a summer barbecue. And luckily the car was on, as was the a/c.

But I totally understand that feeling of OMG WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?

I am so sorry! As the mother of a two year old daughter also, I could only imagine how hard that must have been!

I'm laughing a little over here, but it's a "laugh with not at you" and only because I've done the same thing. But I don't have a spare key, and it was the 4th of July this past year. Blisteringly hot. We had to call the State Police to come break into my car. (They'll do it for free, but only if you've locked your kid in your car. Otherwise, they make you call Pop-a-Lock.) Thank God for them, my car was OFF. My husband was picking up a brick to break the window when the State Trooper pulled in our driveway.

My son locked ME out of the house one morning when I went to take out the trash. He was looking out at me and started freaking out and crying. I had to go next door to call my husband home to let me in!

Ugh! I felt bad enough when I locked us out of the car a few times based on similar situations. But I would have freaked out if I had locked one of the kids in.

OK this wasn't funny, but still... maybe a little funny.
I have had so many panicked moments when I thought I've locked one of the kids in the car- and I have- only it's been in our own damn garage so I have a total panic attack only to be reminded by my husband that the spare key is not but 10 feet away. Am total idiot. And obsessive about locks.
You handled it well, Mama! We've ALL been there or some place equally mortifying :).

Brutal! And I am sure that Katy didn't think any less of you - it's totally something that could have happened to anyone. Plus, it's the kind of mess that anyone would be able to feel nothing but non-judgmental sympathy for. I am just glad Kara had on her winter coat and that the Cobalt survived the snowy drive! Oh, and that you made a friend!

Oh Sweetie! Every mother has to do something like this at least once! How else would you be able to give loving sympathy to Kara when she becomes a mom herself someday; and has her own oops moment?

Even in these difficult times, you think through the problem and come up with a workable solution. (I love Danielle's comment.)

The evil woman that I am, accidently shut Little Lukie's fingers in the closing hatch of the Ford Escort. :(

Oh dear, what an ordeal! So considerate of Kara to sleep through the whole thing though :)

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