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March 04, 2010


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It's good to hear from you again! I was just thinking last night that I hadn't read a Frema blog in a while. Weird! Anyway- glad to see the family is as adorable as ever! I'm with you on the "As excited as I am to increase our mobility and explore new activities as a family and SLEEP THROUGH THE DAMN NIGHT, ALREADY, part of me is sad, hating that the days where they would sleep for hours on my chest are gone. " Lucky for me, I'm a year behind you so that isn't gone for me yet... but I still emphasize. And, way to go Luke! Adam would be proud!

So glad you're back! Wonderful post as always. You are everything I wish I could be (mom, wife, homeowner, professional). Thanks for sharing with us.

Let me know how you like that new Jillian DVD. I may go buy it today. I think you'll like power yoga...or at the very least, you won't fall down or teeter quite as much. (or so was my experience...)

Glad you two are getting some date nights. They are so important. I miss my lunch dates with my husband. The new job (did you know I have a new job?) doesn't allow time for that, seeing as it's an hour away from home and all.

I miss you. Let's facebook chat or somethin'.

I am so very jealous of your 50 degree weather. We've barely touched forty and it's killing me.

I've missed your posts but it looks like you guys are busy living a fabulous life. Well. Except for that whole locking Kara in the car thing. I am so paranoid about that, it's an irrationally large fear in my day to day life.

Sometimes bullet points and captions are the only way to get back out there. We don't care... thanks for the update!

Thanks for the updates, I was wondering how you guys were doing!!!
Let me know how it goes with the DVD, I think I might buy it.
Updates from my side:
-My dear boyfriend finally proposed, we get married in 3 weeks
-Got a promotion at work (yay me!!!)
-Our first baby (Sarah, 2 years old this Tuesday) is growing wonderfully, just as Kara
-Our second baby finally let himself be seen, so we know that its a he (BF and I are still fighting over names)

Well just an overview
Am so glad you guys are AOK

Act like you've been tied up helping the hopeful get a baby or something. Oh, right. :) Do tell the world that this was no ordinary letter. This was writing a friend's life thesis, for what was required. I will be forever grateful. And so will our little pumpkin pie.

I love hearing all of Kara's phrases--- and Luke! The burger! Hahaha Can't wait to see you and spend a day catching up and shooting the breeze. Mom pants required.

Mom pants are not the same thing as Mom jeans. Totally not. Yoga pants. If I did yoga anymore. Rock on with your bad self.

Yes, the letter, totally harder than one would imagine. Even though, as you said, it is in the bag!
Great to hear from you. I would come here every couple days only to leave disappointed...:(
Hope you enjoyed your date night out!

Life moves on into the future so fast that writing down what has happened is hard to do. Even so, the joy is there as it happens.

Bullet points are critical. I'm a fan myself lately.

So...lately? Had a baby. Had to bring said baby to ER. Had a sucky week with new baby, but am now at home and she's all kinds of keeping me awake. Par for the course.

I SO forgot how much work new babies are. This is what happens when your kids are born close together. The first two years are such a blur and you forget all the horrid stuff. *sigh* Need more coffe, I think.

You might want to have Nathan checked out by an allergist. The things you mention about his reactions to new foods are common allergic responses. Unfortunately, I'm familiar b/c of my own kids' experiences.

@Amy: Thanks for the suggestion--I remember you making a similar recommendation back when I mentioned Nathan's reaction to a swig of whole milk, before he was a year. (He was still a couple months shy of turning one and has been completely fine with it since we said good-bye to formula back in January.) I probably didn't explain myself very well, but it's not new foods per se that upset his tummy--and now that I think about what I'm saying, the problem isn't with his tummy at all. It seems to be the texture of certain foods that bothers him. (Like, he can handle pureed peas, but not mashed ones). No foods are off-limits, just the way they are presented to him. He is making progress, little by little--meat in size-three baby jars, tiny chunks of cheese. But if it takes more than a couple of bites for him to work it down the hatch, his mouth doesn't seem to know what to do, so his gag reflex kicks in and up it all goes. I did discuss the idea of allergies with Luke, though, and we agree it's something to at least keep in mind. Thanks for offering another point of view!

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