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April 20, 2010


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Totally random, but my brother went to elementary school with Kara Groucher when we lived in Duluth for 2 years when we were kids.

I like the new header! I popped out of my reader to see it. And the Monica-inspired title is pretty sweet, too.

1. Oooo. Now I'm intrigued. A race day OUTFIT? Are you thinking a tutu a la Her Bad Mother? A tiara a la Motherhood Uncensored? Do tell...

2. I'm friends with guy who is currently a freelance journalist, and who has been a staff writer for magazines, too. www.jppullen.com. Let me know if you want me to "introduce" you to him and perhaps he can share his story/talk to you about higher degrees and the work.

Sometimes I wish there was a "like" button to click as there is on Facebook. Just wanted to say I always enjoy reading your thoughts, on life and trials. Good stuff.

I agree with Don--this post needs a "like" button! Living your life is pretty dang great, huh? Sounds like a fun-filled, busy summer for you! Hope you come South soon!!

Great read as always. Love your writing style and your passion for all that you do. Like the man said "Never Give Up"

Dude, if your employer will pay for the kind of graduate school you want to go for? Then it would be silly to at least not look into it. If there's a way to balance it, I'd definitely say go for it, because, you know: free grad school!

Also it sounds like you're on the right track for the mini, so yay! Definitely get your nutrition worked out (or, at least, figure out what a good pre-run breakfast is) and you'll be set.

I haven't commented in quite a while, but have to speak up with regard to grad school. I'm 39, a married mother of two, I work full-time and commute 1-1/2 to 2 hours a day, and I finished my MBA last August. It's hard, but it's do-able. My alma mater offered their MBA program entirely online, and I did most of the work on my lunch hour, after the kids went to bed, and on weekends between loads of laundry. Just take it one day at a time, and before you know it it'll be over and you'll be left wondering how in the world you ever managed it. :)

HEY - here's my unsolicited product review for you. I have that MA. The one in journalism from IU. It was...only okay, as a program. It's nice and professionally focused but I ended up feeling like it didn't actually open any doors that freelancing wouldn't have. P

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