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April 05, 2010


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Just out of curiousity - how new are your running shoes? Whenever my shoes start to get old, my knees hurt. Maybe it's time for a new (professionally fitted) pair.

Otherwise, I would say it's probably a good idea to skip this race if you are still having problems and aren't trained enough. You could end up hurting yourself even more... be proud of your accomplisments and pick another race to have as a goal! :)

Becky: I actually purchased a new pair of shoes in early February, ones with a little more cushion for my arches. I mentioned it to my PCP, but it didn't seem to be a factor for her.

Oh,chickadee, I"m so sorry to hear of your pains. Wow, you're a hard-core athlete now, with injuries and everything! I hope this doesn't impede your running too much--it's so good that you have that to do for yourself! Keep us posted.

You're exactly right- you'll be able to finish it, but more slowly and with more walking than you would have had you not had the break in training. Also? It probably won't feel all that hot towards the end, in full honesty.

It's 100% up to you if you want to try it or not. It sounds like you've made peace with missing it, which is a good thing. There will always be another race. That said, if you decide it is absolutely necessary that you complete THIS race? Go for it. Listen to your body, don't push it too hard, and just aim for getting your butt from A to B, which you'll totally be able to do.

Good luck! I hope the knee starts to feel better soon for you. Being injured sucks.

Definitely go for physio - they always have great recommendations for stretches that are very specific to your issues, and although it's not always a pain-free experience, I always find physio valuable. Even though honestly if I did ALL the stretches and stuff that they recommend, that's all I'd do every day!

If you don't do the half, then find another 10K or something that's a month later and set a realistic goal. Even if it's "ten and ones" (run ten minutes, walk one minute for the whole race), you'll feel way better than if you overdo it.

Doesn't having kids put things like this into perspective? As you said, there piles more races out there down the road. You don't fail adulthood for doing the next one or the one after that. There are way more important things in life:)

Get well soon!

I so sympathize with you. I don't do races but I did start a running regimen about three weeks ago and my ankles and knees started to feel LEADEN during my runs last week and by the weekend my ankle swelled up and I could barely walk. I totally panicked, thinking I would have to give it all up but this post put it in perspective for me.
I can let my body heal and jump back in. I don't have to lose sight of my goals, and modification isn't a cop-out. Thanks for reminding me and I hope you recover and realize your goals, whatever shape/length they might take.

Isn't it funny how parenthood prepares you so well for how to react when best-laid plans go off the rails? Personally, I've found that to be a great gift. You try your best, the unexpected happens, you move on. What can you do?

In just a few years you've given birth twice and trained your body to run more than 7 miles. That's a lot of work! Sounds like it's asking for a little more recovery time. Now that I think of it, my joints were out of wack for over a year after each baby and I couldn't run more than 4 miles without aching.

Have you looked into barefoot running? Most 'barefoot' runners actually wear Vibram Five Fingers to run in. I was hooked on barefoot running as soon as I heard that the number one reason to do it was injury prevention. And then the first time I tried it, WOW! It was amazing.

Even if you decide you can not run (which I hope you can), please keep writing. For us amateurs, you are an writing inspiration ...

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