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May 07, 2010


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Will you see Luke anywhere along the course? If so, bring your iPod. You'll rather have it and not use it than get halfway through and want it desperately. If you're not using it and carrying it around is bugging you, you can always hand it off to Luke when you see him. (Poor Irwin has totally become my pack mule at races - I don't think he's been to one yet where I haven't given him gloves or a hat or a headband that I no longer needed at some point.)

Stupid captain obvious question in re: timing tag: Are these the D-tags that come on your bib? You know it has to go on your shoe, right? (If you did know that, then you can smack me for asking a stupid question.)

Like I said before, 2:40 is not unreasonable (although don't kill yourself trying to hit it) and you'll definitely be far ahead of the sag wagon, even if you have a bad day. I'm pretty sure you could walk the entire thing and still make the cutoff.

Most importantly: HAVE FUN! I'm so excited for you!

Oh good luck!! I'm so impressed... what an accomplishment!

Good luck on the race. Might I suggest checking out Jeff Galloway? He is a seasoned marathon runner and has built a business of training runners for marathons while keeping them injury free. It's all about the run/walk pace. My dad, who is 61, ran his first marathon in February and followed Jeff's methods and even attended his running seminar. Jeff even has a blog that offers lots of great tips on motivation, pace, injury, etc. I hope this helps! I'm trying to get back into the running since my son was born last December. I enjoy your blog and Jen (Hey Y'all) is my best friend! I feel like I know you :P


Hi Bree! I'm the Jennifer that introduced myself somewhere around mile 3. It was great seeing you on the course, even though it is kind of weird that I know all about you :) Hope things went well for you. I walked maybe 3 miles total and finished at right around 3 hours. My goal was to run more than I walked, and I blew that out of the park!

Hi Bree,

It's 2:43pm CDT in Chicago and by now you have successful completed your journey, "in one piece" (your words). So, I'll say Congratulations, well done indeed. I am drumming my fingers and on the edge of my seat waiting for your report.

--- Bill Shannon

Yay Bree! So happy for you to have accomplished such a huge goal! And I hope you figured out the timing chip - they usually go onto your shoe or onto a band around your wrist or ankle. Be sure to treat yourself to something as a reward and have an awesome mother's day tomorrow!

Thanks for the support, everyone! I ran the Mini and lived to tell the tale. I'm still aiming to give a post-race report tonight (if I don't pass out).

Re: the timing bib: The Mini is using a new piece of timing technology this year, a single-use bib tag called the ChronoTrack Bib Timing Device. It is actually attached to the bib, not meant to be tied to your shoe. For my 5Ks, though, those races used the D-tags that Dawnie described.

I did tune in to check for more information. But, I missed this post last night so I am catching up. Congratulations, on your journey to get to the big run and then completing the run. This really was a committed effort. :)

Good job in thinking the whole event out. Starting just right and not too fast is a key.

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