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June 15, 2010


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Holy smokes you guys have been busy! Love all the pictures, especially the waterfall one. So cute!

Oh and I agreed with every single one of your LOST observations, minus the Richard episode. I think it was kind of a wasted episode for the overall plot line but I liked it.

I squealed aloud when I saw a new post from you in my reader. Just sayin.

Looks like an action-packed summer for you guys! The kids look great, growing like weeds. Glad you're fitting in so much fun!

LOVE your LOST observations. The one about time travel having nothing to do with anything is my favorite and is very correct. Marcus still won't talk about it. He may need therapy.

1. Horray for freedom!
2. But isn't Richard just the most beautiful man ever? Who cares about the episodes' narrative. Give me eyeliner and a Spanish accent and I turn to jelly.
3. So I've been dumped for some broad named "Jenn" have I? Hmmmmm.

Also, we did find Maisy's clothing after all. I or the little guy shoved them into a random pocket in my bag and we found them a few weeks ago. So no need to worry about your delinquent children. Aside from the smooching, that is.


I am with you on Lost and I cannot believe how cute those kids are! Our daughters (well, my middle daughter and your first) are the same age and your daughter has approximately 90 times as much hair as mine. It is so pretty and it makes her look like such a big girl! That kissing picture is ridic. Good luck with your training!

I LOVED the freedom that came when my youngest was over one. Everything from going to the grocery store to going on a vacation went from being a logistical nightmare that wore on my sanity to almost enjoyable (well maybe not the grocery store, but you get what I mean, right:))
We bought our ergo when Keaton was about 16 months when he outgrew the bjorn and I used the crap out of it last summer, so if our boys are anything alike it will have been a good investment. Rowan's even ridden in it a few times and she's 4.5!
Love the pictures- I just can't get over how TALL Kara seems.
I liked the Lost finale as well but I'm worried that if I re-watch the show,I'll be disappointed at the impressive amount of questions they left unanswered; spending the whole time pointing out how they never gave a feasible answer or even a breadcrumb to tie up a major storyline. I think I'll need a little distance before tackling it again.

Ahh yes, freedom. The one biggest reason why I would ever consider not having another child... starting all over at the beginning again.

As for the budget, I say do what works for you. I can tell you every cent I spend but I do NOTHING with that information. At least you are using it to know what you spend and change your spending habits.

Net money is a +/- . Knowing what the net is a +. Good job on a working method. The easier the better.

I love the pic of this kids kissing :) Andrew (my 2 year old) is sporting the double scraped knee too! lol

Love your thoughts on LOST! I just about lost it when Vincent lay down by Jack at the end. I guess I kinda knew that there was no way they would wrap up all the loose ends, so I watched the finale with reasonably low expectations.

I agree with you- it was so sweet that Christian was the one to usher Jack to the "other side." Also, Sayid totally should have ended up with Nadia instead of Shannon.

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