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August 10, 2010


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Good thoughts, as always. Lifes events need to be thought out as one goes along. Sometimes the window of going along runs into the future. Those are harder problems to work on and solve. It is good to keep looking at the situation and constucting possible out comes.

Home ownership is often for the birds. I wish we'd sucked it up and rented for a year when we moved here instead of feeling so much pressure to buy. Now we have a mouse-infested house with half-assed renovations. Grrr.

Isn't this a weird place to be in life? We've been plowing through for years to get to those big "marriage-kids-career-home-owner" goals and now that we're there, it feels odd. I keep trying to figure out what the next big thing should be. I guess we all just need to sit still and breathe for a minute. Or drink more wine. Yes, let's do that.

Wow, this has turned into a really depressing blog!

@Jennifer: Sorry the last couple entries aren't to your liking! I don't consider this one to be depressing at all, though; if anything, it's positive since I am owning my choices and seeing the good in them. I'm feeling better than I have in days, and working out these thoughts played a huge role in that.

This is definitely not the first time I have written about topics like these, and it won't be the last, so if you don't stick around, I understand. It's been cathartic for me, though, so I will keep writing in a manner that feels most natural to me.


I have found these last two entries thought-provoking in that "what am I doing, what are MY priorities" kind of way.

Also, I am fairly envious of the size of your house and generally low cost of living in Indy. And of your candor with sharing all these details of your life:)

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  • "The Lord is my helper,
    I will not be afraid.
    What can anyone do to me?"
    - Hebrews 13:6

    "The best way out is always through."
    - Robert Frost

    "Breathe, pray, be kind, stop grabbing."
    - Anne Lamott

    "Mere completion is a rather honorable achievement in its own right."
    - Liz Gilbert

    "When we tell our stories,
    we change the world."
    - Brené Brown