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September 21, 2010


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This post? Was awesome. It reminds me so much of what my husband and I deal with on a daily basis. This post should win some kind of award.

I agree. All married people with young children should be required to read this post. This is exactly why I've loved your writing for so long...you show that we're all going through different versions of the same thing. Marriage, like womanhood, like parenthood, like all facets of life, redefines itself over and over. Marcus and I are very different than 12 years ago when we met and even 5 years ago when we married, but when we're granted that rare moment to really reconnect, we find we're still very much the same,too.

You and Luke are fantastic together and I've always admired your teamwork. Also? You're looking great in that purple dress!

First: HUBBA HUBBA you sexy thang in that purple dress! WOW.
Second: I applaud your candor in this post; there is so much I've wanted to share about marriage on my blog but I just couldn't do it.
Third: I absolutely bawled at my best friend's wedding last year because of all they'd been through as a couple (more than 10yrs too) and yet there was so much beauty and hope in their union...meanwhile I was feeling especially down about my own. It sure as shit IS harder than we all thought, and you nailed it on the head: the ups and downs are way more generous than we anticipated. I totally get your "I didn't sign up for this" feeling. There are years I've felt it very strongly. But then I ask myself, "What did I sign up for? A life of things going exactly as planned? How boring." That's on the good days, anyway. ;)

Beautiful, thoughtful post... as always.

Great post. Love really is an action, and as a result marriage takes work. You two have definitely put the work in so far. You have found ways to work with what you have been handed, and you have dealt with it all well. Congratulations on almost 5 years of marriage!

Bree, this was so well put. Bill and I had been through so much personally and as a couple before we were even married that we thought we could handle anything. Marriage with small children proved us wrong in a way, but proved us right as well. Yes it got infinitely harder than we expected. I think back to Keaton's first year when we were both so absolutely drained we didn't have any empathy or kindness to give back to one another. Our marriage felt like a shell, we formed a solid front for our kids but on the inside it felt pretty empty. But! It got us through and though I don't expect things to be all roses, knowing we could make it through that bound us that much tighter.
You and Luke are an amazing couple, great parents and great problem solvers. Such an inspiration when I know at least 5 couples that got married in the last five years who have already divorced. This marriage thing is definitely not for the faint of heart!

Wow, Bree. This is so well written, and so honest. What a testament to the ups, downs and reality of marriage. Amazing.

Good job all around. Parents can be judged by their children. You both get A+ on all counts. I am so glad to be around and see your family developing.

Amazing post! Your honesty about relationships (especially the part about just one sigh throwing the whole day off track) is really appreciated.

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