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October 18, 2010


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These are the weekends that make us all happy we have a blog so we can document all the action! I"m so glad Kara likes school. I imagined she would love it. And don't worry--I still cry at drop-off sometimes and Dean's been going to school for over a year now. It's almost as though I get insulted when he doesn't cry.

I'm sure I knew you had young parents, but I guess I'd forgotten! Happy 5-0 to your dad! My parents are also young, which is great for the grandparenting gig. Our kids are so, so fortunate to have all their grandparents. I always love seeing pictures of your kids with your parents and Luke's mom and dad. It's such fun to see our parents operating as grandma and grandpa.

Hold the phone. Your father is only 14 years older than I am??? My god. This makes me feel ancient. He looks great! Happy 50th to him!

And oh, to hold a sweet little infant again. I need a close friend nearby to have a baby so I can get my fix...

What a truly sweet and wonderful post...thanks for sharing and making such a bright happy spot in my Monday. I TOTALLY understand the first-day experience (oh, the nostalgia)...I guess it is one of those motherhood rite-of-passage tropes, and thus everyone has their own story to tell. Mine included tears, panic attacks, and messing up my niece's paperwork! Go, go clueless mom! http://whatdoyouwantfordinner.com/2009/02/27/lets-talk-about-preschool/

And you have so much to look forward to...like that first parent-teacher conference... http://whatdoyouwantfordinner.com/2009/04/28/another-first/

Or the day that YOUR kid starts lecturing the whole class on anatomical reproductive functions of the human body. Yep, sending the kids off to school is an awesome adventure :)

Go, Kara!
You guys are rockstars for making it to all those functions with two small kids to tote around. It's so awesome that your kids share a unique bond with each of their grandparents.

PS your Religipalooza archives were very helpful this weekend.

1) Pumpkin Lattes are the best. Totally addicted to those too.
2) Way to go Kara!
3) My son loves, loves, loves the exact same insects book. (he also loved vacuum cleaner manuals, go figure)

I'm sorry, but that cannot possibly be Kara. I remember when you announced you were pregnant with her! She CANNOT be that beautiful little (BIG) girl. (Sunriiiiise, sunset.)

And we love having you and the grandchildren visit. We love every single minute, insect book and all. :)

Family is very important. We love being our part of the family. Joy all around. "For saftey hand grandpa's hand."

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