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October 28, 2010


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YAY for more Dunscombe babies! They are very cute. I'm so excited for you guys! I'm also laughing so hard I could pee at the thought of you and Luke at a middle school sex ed class. :) Many congrats!

I usually lurk but just wanted to come out of hiding to say...
Congratulations! What a blessing. All the ladies I follow on Facebook are pregnant. Must be in the water :)

Another lurker coming out to say congratulations!

Congratulations! What an awesome surprise!

I recently saw that same thing in my bathroom, for my third go at pregnancy as well. I'll enjoy reading about your adventures with a third, as mine progresses at the same time (6/12/2011 due date). CONGRATS!

*SQUEE!* Congratulations. My daughter was born June 26, it's an excellent day to be born. ;-)

OMG holy moly! I am cracking up, I came over here from Twitter and it never occurred to me that you weren't selling your house because of this! I thought it was going to be a post about the economy!

I think you are a great mom, with beautiful children and a great husband and I wish you lots of luck. I have three and it's crazy at times but we have a lot of love and fun here, too! Congratulations!

Congratulations! Oh the best laid plans right? I guess you really weren't done when it came to more kids!

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, BREE! Wow, congrats. I have goosebumps- so happy for you. Oh,my,gosh! Stunned.

Holy crap! I mean - YAY!! Congratulations. I think that was the last thing I was expecting to see when I clicked on your link in Google Reader today. That is amazing and I can't wait to hear everything that goes along with this pregnancy. Best thoughts sent your way!!

Congratulations! Another long-time lurker coming out (I'm glad that I'm not the first today)


Congratulations! I guess that solves the old "should we? or shouldn't we?" debate! So excited for you all!

Congratulations! I thought it was a possibility based on your last post, but then I thought of other reasons you would delay moving too.

What super exciting news! Woohoo! Hope you're feeling well and best wishes for a healthy pregnancy.

I knew it!! I knew there was something up with that last post. Call it expectant mother's intuition, I'm due June 6th! I've never commented on here before, but Ive followed your blog since Parents and I still love it!

I too usually just lurk - but wanted to show myself to say Congratulations!! Very excited for you and your family. And I was cracking up at the thought of needed to revisit "How Babies Are Made" topic.

Congratulations!!! Oh, this made me smile. I enjoyed your return to blogging. Best wishes in this new adventure!

Congratulations! So excited for you. :)

YAY! Congratulations!! :)

I normally lurk, but I had to comment today. :) Oh my gosh! I know you weren't planning this, but I just wanted to congratulate you! I started following you at Amalah's recommendation, and now you are both pregnant together! I wish all the blessings in the world for your family.

Congrats! That's great news!

Oh wow! I didn't see that one coming!! Much congratulations to you both! Such exciting news. :)

What exciting news!

(I wondered if that's why you weren't selling the house. You crazy kids. :)

Wow - a lot of lurkers! :-) Not that that's the most important thing right now! Too funny that you're pregnant AGAIN! Must be fate! Congratulations! At least Nathan won't just be 1.5 years (or less) when this one is born! super excited for you!!!!

HAHAHA!! Sorry. I just had one of those. For my FOURTH kid. Just eight months after the birth of my third kid.

My first 2 were 13 months apart. (I'm pretty sure we've had this convo before)

So my second two will be 16 months apart.

Apparently two college degrees doesn't actually mean the intelligence to utilize proper forms of BC.

Did I mention the day after we found out hubs was scheduled for the snip?


The best of everything with baby number three.

Haha...it's so funny, after your last post about not selling your house, all I could think was "She's going to tell us she's pregnant soon!"



I am SO excited for you!!!! You make beautiful babies.

What a happy surprise! As yet another long-time lurker, I literally did a double-take at the screen when I saw the pregnancy test. Congrats!

Congratulations! You crack me up!!!


Wow! Congrats! That is such happy news!

Had to pop out and say congratulations! Kara and my daughter were born around the same time, and we're still trying for number two! So it's funny to me you are (surprise!) having number 3! Exciting though :)



What! Super congrats!!

Congrats Bree. I also mostly just lurk. And, I'm also expecting my third. We had an unexpected third pregnancy this summer that ended in a miscarriage. It was tough, but cemented our thoughts that we want a third baby. Well, a third is now in the works. Just got a positive pregnancy test. Due July 5. It will be fun to follow you through the journey!

Wow! Congratulations to you both!

Yay for another baby! What a ride this will be! ("oopsies" are truly the best...though you may already know that, LOL)

as soon as I saw an update for you on my reader I was all "I wonder if Frema is pregnant?"

Looks like you are.


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