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November 01, 2010


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You are so wonderful about being honest and sharing! I only have one three year-old and do not want anymore(I'm a teacher and think that has something to do with it)! But I'm so excited for you!!! Finding out I was pregnant was the coolest thing! I will NEVER forget it! Plus, the look on my husband's face was priceless!!! Thanks for sharing! :)

We have the same story. Except mine was with beer, and I was the one who was a little relaxed (totally drunk off my ass), and apparently I TOLD him I was fine. That I was about to get my cycle, so GO AHEAD! Have FUN!

I do not remember that conversation.

And hello baby 4!

This is a most fantastic post, particularly the re-enactment of Look Who's Talking happening in your uterus. I'm soooo excited about Number Three!!!

"...AS WELL AS now being outnumbered by an army of children under the age of four."


Man, I am just insanely excited for you. Oddly excited.

Mike is getting The Big V in January and I'm all,, we'll lets not "accidently" get pregnant before then. I know we're done but I wouldnt be At ALL upset if it happend, though with a 20 week old who is up twice a night to nurse and not having a period yet- and oh, the NOT trying I think I'd take A LOT of wine and a miracle to happen. That being said, I'm not angling. I'm not, I'm okay with two- I love my two. Of course. I also love my house that wont fit another and NOT driving a minivan. But I do so love that new baby smell;I should just go smell the one I already have.

Congrats, friend! I want to hug you.

I am also excited for you! I am also cracking up that you had to search your purse for the pee stick!

Congrats! This story put a smile on my face. Somethings are just meant to be.

I am SO happy for you guys. I always read and rarely comment (usually I have a nursing or wiggly baby on my lap when I get computer time). We have two kids and I KNOW in my heart I want a third, so I think I have secretly been pulling for you guys all along ;)

So funny. "look who's talking" was my favorite line :) Our third was a similar story, oh heck, who am I kidding, all three weren't really planned out. Welcome to zone defense. You will be great!

I am leaning more and more to a third. But I don't know if I can handle being out numbered ALL THE TIME! It is bad enough being outnumbered when my husband is at work...

Congrats again!

I am just so excited for you guys. Yay for three!

We were also in the "to three or not to three" drama for awhile. Our third baby is three months old and we couldn't be happier. He fits into our family so well and we now have that done feeling that everyone talks about. BTW, nursing did not work with my first two but worked beautifully with the third. Third time's a charm! Though I have to admit I guiltily decided long term nursing just wasn't for me and switched to the bottle anyway.

also - congratulations!

I have such a high baby fever, I may have seizures soon. I'm just thrilled for you guys. :)

The best gifts are the unexpected ones.

(And can I say this post totally takes me back to your pre-Kara writing style? The best I can describe it is savory nuggets of giggle-worthy wording.)

I most definitely have baby fever down here in Bloomington but I also have an IUD so I don't have to worry about a third quite yet. I am OVER THE MOON happy for you all though and can't wait to hear all about this pregnancy and your newest addition to come.

I'll say this - I had three in less than four years and nursing was unbelievably easy for me the third time, after sucking and blowing the first two times. So maybe it will be your bitch, indeed! I wish you the best of luck, I'm sure it will be crazy but great. Did you get rid of everything? Do you need a bassinet? Or a baby bath? I am getting rid of some baby stuff, as we are moving, and I'm local. Email me if you're interested in some free baby stuff!

So I'm WAY behind in my Google Reader and just now seeing your last few posts! So Happy for you!! I knew you wanted this and can't wait to follow the journey. Also? I think my favorite stories are the pregnancy test stories and the tellings to the future daddies. Love those.

Congratulations!! I am so happy for you! I haven't been on your blog in awhile and was very excited to see the news. My second is five months old and I already have baby fever (we want four) so it was nice to experience what it was like for you to find out about the third.

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