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November 09, 2010


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Subway has chicken and dumpling soup? Sorry, I digress. I hate that you're feeling barftastic. I hope it lightens up sooner this time and that you're able to enjoy your pregnancy.

As for feeling beyond the "coming into our own" phase, I honestly believe you'll feel that once the craziness of having another newborn calms down. It's clear that you have wanted a third baby all along and I have a feeling you'll (eventually) have that "complete" feeling folks talk about experiencing when they know their family is just the right size. I think this new little person is going to round out your household perfectly. And don't forget to take one of your famous shots in the bathroom mirror at work when your belly pops out!

They are so cute in their costumes!

I can definitely relate! I also spoke too soon about feeling like this 3rd time I might skip the "Trimester of Sick and Raging Hormones" as you put it. The very cruel irony is I now think it is worse than it ever was. Every day I wonder alternate between eagerness and wonder what we are doing adding a 3rd. Take care!

I think it will be easier for you this time around. The second time is easier and since your second time was right on top of your first, we'll call this your second and a half time! I don't know how you did it with two BABIES at the same time, but now that they are older, you will really be able to enjoy the new little one. As for the finances, as soon as I realized how much more we would pay in daycare - I just stopped dwelling on it and chalked it up to another person to love and she is well worth it! You can't sweat the pennies! (or dollars or hundreds of dollars etc.)

Don't worry. It will all work out.

As "they" say: nothing worth having is easy to obtain. Or something like that. It'll probably be rough for a while, but you'll be so happy with the outcome. Just imagine: a new little character in your brood! So exciting.

I have nothing but big hugs for you. Hormones can wreak total havoc one minute and make your hair shiny the next. Unpredictable bastards.

And what is this changing of the trick or treating thing? I'm confused!

Oh my! They are so cute in their costumes. It's never too late for pictures!

Knowledge is important for us!

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