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December 02, 2010


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I was just at Molly's blog marveling over how great she is. I come her and see that her greatness is even more than I thought.

I think that having a vision will really help you guys with all of the changes that come with a new baby. You know what you are aiming for and that's half the battle.

I hugely applaud your planning and vision-ing. And am frustrated on your behalf for the too-short American maternity leave...but you are SO SO lucky to have an understanding boss. And I have a hunch that is partly because you are a great employee:)

That Molly, she's good people.

And I wish I could just come over and hug you. That overwhelming feeling of tiredness and ick can really drag you down and takes the joy out of pregnancy (and for me, life in general!). I hope it passes soon!

Sorry about the sick part. Soon it could be over. Time will make it better. Keep working on it. Love.

Molly is a saint. It's the truth. I'm so glad you two have each other.

Sorry you're feeling funky. If your boss needs to send you to my neck of the woods, you can stay with me and I'll cook for you and bring you gingerale.

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