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December 15, 2010


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I had my tubes tied after my third. Now I kind of regret it. I think it's a longing to snuggle a new baby. Because then I look at my 12, 9, &6 year old and think "What are you thinking woman?" :) I had mine tied 6 weeks after Ben was born. It was an easy in and out procedure. It was a second surgery but my insurance covered it. The next day I was working out in our yard building a flower bed, so recovery is quick. Good luck on whatever decision you make.

My tubal was easy-breezy. Very minimally invasive, super-quick healing process. My scar looks like a paper cut. And reproductive freedom is WONDERFULLLLLLLL!!!!That sucks that you can't do it while they're already in there delivering #3. I've had friends do it during C-sections and they said they didn't even notice a difference in their recovery.

I hope you feel better soon, dear. Pregnancy symptoms are just no fun, are they?

I was scheduled to have the Essure in two weeks but will now be cancelling that appointment! Yikes! The sad thing is - I had a c-section with my second but it was an emergency one so no chance to tell them to tie my tubes while they were in there (I had other things on my mind!).

Yeah. I so get it.

I'm 13 weeks, and finally not sick anymore.

I will tell you, though, that in so many ways, the transition from 2 to 3 was an easier one for us. 1 to 2 was SO hard. But 2 to 3? Barley a blip. And our 3rd had a really, really rough start.

Hubs is totally getting the snip in the spring. And I'm getting an IUD after this babes is born. JUST BECAUSE. With my luck? I'll get preggo again and it'll be twins.

I hope the morning sickness abates for you. I remember VIVIDLY what smells or textures would set me off *gag* and my youngest is 2!

If you don't mind answering, why won't the hospital allow you to have your tubes tied while you're having a c-section?

I hope you feel better soon. :)

If your insurance is anything like mine (and mine's pretty standard), my hubby's Snip only cost us $15.

Well, $15 plus the motorcycle I bribed him with. But it was money WELL SPENT.

If your husband is willing to have the big V, what's the problem? DO IT! Best decision we ever made! Did I mention that it's the best decision we ever made?? Hope you feel better soon :)

Even though we're very set on being done after our hypothetical 3rd is born, I don't think I could ever do something permanent. Bill has talked about a vasectomy and if that's really what he wants then I'll go along with it but...life can change so fast...I have a hard time saying Never Again. Unless I'm pregnant or delivering because I'm pretty sure during both I said never again. I'm a hypocrite like that :).
And YES. When you feel like you're allergic to your own body you do need to find a sense of control in other aspects of your life. Best of luck in the decision making process!

One of my closest friends lives in the Indy area and was also planning to deliver at a Catholic hospital but changed her mind so she could have her tubes done at the same time. She was happy with it but obviously that is NOT for everyone. Another friend of mine had his "big V" done almost exactly a year ago and could not have been happier. While we don't know if we're done yet we also know that if we decide to go for a third that will be our last and both my husband and I will be getting procedures done to ensure no more babies. We're friends with a couple that have a fifth baby after a vasectomy. You just never know!

I read "earning enough bacon" as _eating_ enough bacon. (which only makes sense since bacon was my most serious pregnancy craving)

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Since I was considering the Mirena until I realized that (1) hormonal birth control does not enhance my life, and (2) well, I doubt there's any real need for it given our issues, I have no input on the tubes or V considerations. At this point I'd kinda welcome a surprise, you know?

Well good for you for having the courage to consider a permanent end of the line for the baby train! Although it seems ridiculous that a hospital that WILL tie tubes won't do so while you're opened up and they have access to said tubes, but whatever...maybe it just IS Luke's turn for some reproductive procedure-ing ;)

Hope you are feeling better at this time. Your thoughts are solid as always.

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