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January 11, 2011


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First, I don't think you are the only ones who have had $$ issues - and yours do sound minor. They are ones you are able to fix soon, and that is a good thing. Oh, and the mortgage thing - it happened to us before too. Stupid WellsFargo sent us a check because escrow was too high only to have to ask us for the money back or increase our payments less than a year later since they couldn't figure out the taxes...

And have you tried to fit three car seats in your vehicle? I know people have made it work in "average" sized cars.

Glad the pregnancy is going well even with the "fun" bits. I found taking my vitamins at night the only way as I would throw them up otherwise...

It is good to hear of the new baby's health. At the start of out side life, the new baby will find things to be just fine. Work produces results. No one works more that you two parents in doing the right family actions. Keep on keeping on.

You look so thin (I mean in a healthy way)! Now I know why you weigh less than you did last year.

Sounds like you're doing a good job trying to keep everything together! I'm single and stlll find myself always financially strapped!

Um, is everyone else reading the same post as me? Because the first thing I need to say is HOW CUTE ARE YOU????? Thanks, I feel better. Sorry you barfed.

We got slammed this year when Marcus's insurance went up $300 a month. I definitely feel you on the financial front. Launching a freelance business sounds like a great idea. I hope it pans out for you.

Hmm, I have never freelanced or started a business. Why don't you email Amalah? Seems like a good resource and she knows you!

You look fantastic. And confident, like you've maybe done this preggers thing a couple times already:)

I think paying off credit cards is a HUGE step in good money management. Even though it sucks while you are doing it, once they are paid off it should be well worth it. (I'll let you know if I ever get there. :-)

Bill freelances all the time- it's really uneven predictability-wise so we never count on the money. The best way we manage it is to take what he makes and get something off our plate right away, i.e. pay the years' preschool or dance tuition in full to help ease our monthly budget. He's a graphic and web designer though and in that realm it's all about word of mouth (and who you know) so I don't have any specific strategies for how to start things up. Good luck! {And also you are just about the cutest pregnant lady ever in that picture. I'm so happy for you guys!}

You look great! I hope that you are feeling well.

Yeah, we tried fitting three carseats in our Escape and realized we'd have to slam the doors to get them to shut, which might not be so good for little arms. So when we all go somewhere, we take two cars. But the upside is, that almost never happens because who wants to take three kids under three anywhere? Wait, that's not really an upside... Anyway, we figure in a year when we don't need the infant seat we'll be able to fit three and a year of inconvenience is better than 5 years with a car payment!

3 carseats surprisingly fit in almost any car. You just can't center the carseat in each seat. You center the middle one and have the ones on the ends closer to each door. Of course the infant carseat goes on one of the ends. Try it out. In case of emergency it is important to be able to leave with the kids if there is only one adult home. Oh, and it depends on the width of the convertible carseats. You will need the slim one's. Good luck!

There are carseats available with smaller bases so you can fit 3 across. My sister-in-law can fit 3 in their Toyota Camry. I do believe they are around $300 each but worth it to not have to buy a new car.

You look great!

Get the Sunshine Radians- they are awesome seats and are super thin. We got the Graco CarGos bc we couldn't afford the Radian and were able to fit 3 across in our Vibe! Also, remember that puzzling carseats together takes trial and error. Sometimes one SIDE of the car is larger than the other (etc), so try all possible combos. Hope that helps, from someone who's been there too!

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