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February 22, 2011


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I've been a lurker since about the time Kara was born - I love your blog. I'm a physical therapist, and while I don't do this myself, physical therapists who specialize in women's health might be able to help you (both now and after your baby is born). There is a feature on the web page of the American Physical Therapy Association to help you find a nearby physical therapist who has expertise in women's health issues. If you are worried about the expense, you could at least call to talk with the physical therapist to see if she can help and if she could minimize the number of appointments you would need. The link to the Find a PT page is below. Good luck!

I have no practical knowledge on this, only theoretical, but I believe a belt will help you. They have belts designed to help support the load of the baby, which will take some of the pressure off your skin. (The reason your having pain is, with your abdominal muscle split like that, your skin is under a LOT more strain than usual because your muscle isn't doing the work to support the belly, because of the split down the middle.)

If your insurance will cover it, I second Laura's recommendation to see a PT. They can get you into the right belt for you and can also help you with some exercises to mitigate the pain. (Maybe. They can definitely hook you up with post-partum exercises to help it resolve once you've delivered.)

I hope it gets better, for that does not sound like an awesome time.

I third the belt idea. I bet if you put it on early in the day, before you feel super-tender, its light pressure and support will feel good/lessen the pain by evening.

Also, I think you look gorgeous. Healthy and glowing, with a beautiful head of hair. :)

I loved my belt. It lifted and relieved some pressure - especially with my first when I had to work through the whole pregnancy (barfing all the way).

When I was pregnant with Keaton, at about 35 weeks I was experiencing shooting pains in my abdomen. On the way to the appointment to get them checked out I fell down the stairs and landed myself in L&D to be monitored for two days. Both Keaton and I were fine but they did send me home with a belt which I was not excited about but I ended up actually liking the firm hold/light pressure it had on my belly and wore it for the last two weeks of my pregnancy. I hope you can find something that will ease the pain- seeing a PT isn't a bad idea.

You look gorgeous! I've never worn a belt while pregnant, but I could see where it might help. Sorry you are in pain. That is no fun. Hang in there.

I didn't have that condition and I also hate belts but my maternity belt SAVED me. My daughter was breach from early on and as she grew I had mild pubic separation because her growing butt was stuck low in my pelvis. In addition to that, I have my own hip problems. I was resistant to it especially having to undo it every time I peed! I only wish I had done it earlier. The constant discomfort on my hips/lower back/belly was GONE. I walked a mile a day to/from work and thought i couldn't endure another step until I bought it.

Mine was like $20 at motherhood maternity. Best $20 I have ever spent, seriously.

Maybe that belt would help, would be my guess. It would be a tool to do a job that would support and help the fight with gravity as the day goes on.

You really do look fantastic. I have had round ligament pain but never the pain you describe, and ... ouch! I have a friend who waitressed in Chicago at a super busy/fancy restaurant until, like, minutes before she had her baby and she wore a belt the last few months so she wouldn't waddle so much. Is it that it would be against your skin that bugs you? Because maybe you could wear a tank and maternity underwear (sexy!) and tuck it in and THEN put on the belt? I'd also third (fourth?) the checking on the PT thing. Why be in pain if you don't have to be?

Yes! I used the Ultimate Maternity Belt, which I bought at Motherhood for less than 20 bucks!

I have virtually no waist, so I carried straight out-in-front. It was very uncomfortable. This thing took a lot of the pressure off and helped my sciatica.
I am so sorry you're dealing with this pain. I hope you find something to help you out!
Also, you're totally cute, mullet and all.

I didn't have a belt, but had these capris from lululemon that looked like they had boxers sticking out above the waistband, and that stretchy bit (which predictable advertised stupid lululemon) was amazingly supportive and comfortable, even for me, who also normally abhors belts. Also I am sure you're onto this already, but how about piling up the pillows whenever you lie down on your side, or bunching up a blanket there or whatever.

On a positive note - holy crap, more than halfway there, woo hoo!!!

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