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February 28, 2011


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Hooray for figuring that out without your head or budget exploding!

Thanks for the update! I want to see a pic of what THREE CARSEATS looks like! It's good that you have figured this out - buying a new car sounds like just too much when there is so much other change and expense coming up.

We are just lucky that Megan will last in the Roundabout for a while longer, and when we get Emily out of her bucket seat in September-ish, we'll just put her into the Roundabout and get a bigger convertible for Megan since she won't hit the booster requirements until junior high at the rate she's going:)

Sounds like the experiment worked out well!

To help ease your mind (please keep in mind I only have one and could not wrap my head around two) I have heard the jump from two kids is a lot worse than the jump from one to two kids.

You will make it work and will do a great job of it!

On car seats (or boosters) there are some really excellent boosters out there that STILL have the 5 point harness and seem to be smaller overall. We just got one for Maggie and it's almost like a convertable booster. Glad you found a way to fit three though! That alone is a parenting feat!!!

I always preferred my carriers to a stroller when I had my third. Glad your carseats worked. We are at the other end of that delimma. Two of mine are out of carseats, one is so big he can ride in the front and Ben is in a booster, we want something smaller, but I am scared I will feel claustophobic. I'm used to driving a bus. It will feel weird having them that close to me :)

Congratulations on fitting 3 seats!!

Like Eva's daughter, my oldest son did not reach the booster requirements until he was MUCH older than Kara. I finally let him switch to a booster seat when he was about to die from the embarrassment of being in the harnessed seat. He was 8. It did save us a couple inches and made it so much easier to fit everything.

Yay for you! I'm so glad it worked out!

Also, in my vast experience (almost FOUR WHOLE MONTHS) with three children, it is not your brain that will hurt. It is your ears. You're welcome.

I am definitely going to get a sling for baby #3. I want something i can easily put the baby in (and take the baby out of) for things like shopping. And I find the only times I use the stroller are when we go places like the mall or on walks, and I bet the stroller you have would work for those...

I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed reading about your current path. It has given me a whole new perspective for the minutiae of what my parents must have gone through.

My parents had my oldest sister in '76, my older sister in '76 and me in '81 [they were 26 when they had me]. As I've aged I've tried to imagine what it was like, but this has been much more enlightening!

Wishing you and yours the very best.

I totally want to see pictures, too. I'm mad impressed!

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