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February 24, 2011


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You seem to have thought about your budget WAY more than I think about mine, but a thought? From someone who has 3 kids under 3. Buy a double stroller. Get one that has a third (toddler) seat or sit and stand thingy. I have a Phil and Ted's jogging stroller. I spent around $400 on it. It holds two kids and I often put my third on the front wheel (not designed that way, but she is light). I would buy this one again in a heartbeat, but you might also be interested in the Valco Baby line. They have a sweet double that you can get either a third seat or a "hitch-hiker" for less than $100 extra. If it was me (and it's not, I know) I would let Baby Brother 2.0 (love that name!!) sleep in a beautiful and stylish hand-me-down room, and splurge on an awesome stroller. Best of luck (and you look AWESOME for 21 weeks btw!).

I have a jogging stroller that I have NEVER used, that was handed down to me. I would love love love to gift it to you...big problem is that I live in Oklahoma. If you have any creative ideas on getting it, it is yours. And the double stroller is the way to go!

I'd say get a BOB stroller, single - it can hold two kids if the older one sort of sits on the footrest-y part, and Kara can walk. Or baby into carrier, Nathan and Kara in the stroller.

40" and 40lbs!?!?!? Seriously amazing!!!! Megan is 28 lbs and just over 35" .....we are hoping she'll grow an inch by the end of April so she can do more rides at Disneyland:)

I love our Chicco also, except that as a hand-me-down it didn't come with a stroller (it is/was still being used by the giver and Chicco seats don't work with generic strollers or frames (like Graco seats do) so because of the $ you mentioned for stroller alone we ended up without one. It's been great for my arm muscles.

...where I'm going is that if you do plan to get a double stroller into which you can put the infant seat either make sure it's one you can use with the Chicco or just go with the other seat. Which is probably part of your considerations already between a new travel system or stroller.

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