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February 07, 2011


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That's awesome! We kinda wanted a boy this time, but its another girl for us. Not sure how I'm gonna make it through three girls, but life has.its own thing sometimes. Congrats!

Yay! Kara will have many protectors now. And she won't have to worry about having to share her makeup.

Aww, congratulations! :) I don't know about girls, because I only had boys, but boys are fun... exponentially so when there's 2 of them. :)But I guess that's true for children period. :)


And I'm not sure if you've felt this way but one of my only pet peeves with having one of each (besides not being able to share clothes) is that I can't say "the girls" or "the boys". Silly I know, but there ya go :).

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Cecilia. It was a front runner for Keaton until Bill shot me down. and then he had a penis so it didn't matter. Boys names are HARD. Happy bickering!

You now have the awesome sibling makeup that I had growing up, congrats! We STILL say "the boys" are doing [whatever]. It has such a nice ring to it, even when "the boys" are both in their 20s.

Boys are so much fun! They will definitely look after their sister one day! However, she may not like that. Congratulations!

Congratulations! So exciting!


Oh Boy! Totally exciting. :)

Yippee! So exciting! Congratulations. :)

TWO! BOYS! Well, you know my opinion of boys and that they RULE! Wow, what a day, Bree. So happy for you and your family, truly. I want to hug you and squee a little.

Woo hoo!!! He's a cutie already. Boy names really are much harder. Can't wait to see the newest little Dunscombe and watch your family grow.

Congratulations! The "finding out" is so exciting and made me cry each time!

Congratulations! I'm excited for your guys having another baby boy! It's funny, I had a lot of similar feelings (with regard to your previous post about what sex you hoped for) with my first pregnancy. My second is turning out sort of similar to your experience. I like the idea of more girls, but I'd also like to have a son. And I only just found out that we are pregnant with number two. (October baby) Hopefully, I'll follow suit and be overjoyed whatever happens. Congrats again!

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