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February 21, 2011


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My boots just fell off from all the trembling :-) I am excited for you and hope that it will work out just how you need it to! I first found you on the Parents blog, and I actually remember wishing that you had a link to your other blog. I had to go to all the work of googling you. No hard feelings, hahaha.

Rock on with your bad self! You know, I still very much consider myself a "fledgling" blogger, but after BlogHer last year, I stopped worrying about a lot of the things you mentioned here. Everyone wants people to read their blogs and there are a LOT of us out here who LOVE your particular voice. So promote away, I say. I'll be the first to LIKE you on Facebook. And seriously, I still mourn the demise of your Parents blog--it's the thing that introduced me to the blogging community. You have a great talent for writing about tough issues with humor and personality and also for sparking great discussions. I say cash in on it, my friend. Best of luck--you know I"ll be here reading.

Go for it! The very few times I have felt a blogger was "selling out" only happened when I had to look at the pictures of their AMAZING new mansion sized house while they talked about they're AMAZING family and then I read about the hundreds of thousands they made from advertising each year. And now I no longer read that blog. Otherwise almost every blog I read these days has advertising and a facebook page and that is totally great. I saw more power to you and wish you the BEST of luck! :-)

Starting a free Facebook fan page is a great idea. Maybe later you can work on some of the other ideas.

I say go for it! The coolest thing about great bloggers is that they ARE their brand.
I always wondered why you didn't promote your work on Parents here and vice versa- I remember being SO excited when I found your personal blog after months of reading Parents but I wasn't sure if you wanted Parents' readers coming over here because you seemed to keep them separate. Too bad you got stuck with me anyway :).
All this to say- this is your space and making it work in your favor is a smart thing- and the obvious choice at this stage in your life when more ambitious undertakings are more stress than their worth.

Yeah! Bring more Bree on!!! I LOVED your Parent's blog and searched to find this one just because your writing style is so wonderful. I read through your entire archive (before I had kids! oh extra time - how I miss you!). You promote and promote and promote your venture and I will be there!

Sweeeeeeeeeet! Am I the first gentleman to be writing here?!

I am totally trembling with excited for you and your facebook stuff - and the possibility of bringing the genius of Molly (or whom I call "Aunt B")!!!

I just happen to know somebody who works from our dining room table trying to do the same thing - you two should connect.

I also know this crazy-whack therapist who has made a go at the blogging/networking/writing/megalomania thing after much research, reading, and riting... I'm sure he would loooooove to share all his resources and research!

Do what you want to do int he blogging world. Maybe start by adding a few ads on here - I don't think any of us would mind. Even if it is only a buck or two a month, it is something that would help pay off the debt or give you and Luke money for a "date night" every once and a while.

Oh, and I can hear you on forgetting the cost of a new baby - it is so easy to forget about those bills!

Definitely do the FB, teh tweeting, whatever it takes. No one will ever judge you for making a buck, other than those of us wishing we had the balls and talent to do the same:) Plus, there are way more sell-out-y ways to make a buck than DOING WHAT YOU LOVE!!

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