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March 07, 2011


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Any chance your c-section will cover the entire family deductible and he could do the surgery once you're back on your feet? That's something Gabe and I have considered if we have a third. I'm sure you'll get it figured out.

Good luck!

I think in our economy, many people make these kinds of choices based on factors beyond the strictly medical. Who knows if I would have chosen a scheduled c-s with Josie, if I had not been given a layoff notice effective 2 weeks into maternity leave, with short term disability granting a higher payout for a c-s than a traditional delivery.

Had I known I was having a c-section with baby #2 I would have totally asked for a tubal right then and there. Unfortunately it was an emergency c and I was put under. I almost got another procedure done (Essure) but chickened out right before. It stinks to have to base medical decisions on things like deductibles and out of pockets but that is the world we live in. We actually set aside FSA money this year just so my husband can get snipped!

My husband's snip cost us nearly $800 after insurance! A month after he had the procedure I found out that our county health department does them FREE OF CHARGE with no income requirements to meet. Not only that, they contract with the same urologist that he ended up using for the procedure. Ugh, hindsight is 20/20! Worth checking in to if that is the route you guys decide to take.

We are still up in the air as to which method to go with. If I do end up with a c-section, it will be easy. And I will make sure my OB/GYN has that in my chart in case they forget to ask me (although they asked with our first which I thought was REALLY weird). But, if this baby isn't a problem and comes naturally, it is a debate. I don't want to have surgery while caring for three kids - especially while breastfeeding. But, my husband hates doctors, etc and hence doesn't want his body touched. And waiting until this one is weaned isn't an option, as well, we get pregnant before then...

I do think it would be a good reality show :)

Aw, maaaaaaaaaan! That's stinky. But it would make an awesome reality show.

I paid $500 out of pocket for my tubal, which was just for anesthesia, since we have a stupid separate deductible for anesthesia. (Isn't that dumb?) It was worth every penny, though. 2 days of moderate bed rest and a few percocet later, I was back to my old self!

I had my tubal right around 7 weeks after baby. It wasn't a big deal at all. I now would like to have ensure, and that is done in the doctors office! Score.

I laughed out loud at your last line. Funny stuff, my friend.

Have you looked into the Essure procedure? Iy has been something I've been thinking about for about two years.

With our last baby I also considered having my tubes tied with c-setion but fate had other plans for me (no c-section and no tubes tied) and we are currently 7 weeks pregnant with our -assuming I am able to carry this pregnancy to term- last baby. I'm really considering the Essure procedure over Tubal for many reasons.

The total cost of vasectomy is usually $500-1000 dollars before insurance.

My husband paid $50 with insurance to cover co-pays and specialist fees which covered an initial consult and actual procedure. He had it done on a TH afternoon, took F off work, rested Sa and Su and was totally fine by Monday morning. As is, no pain, minimal discomfort. He followed instructions and after so many emissions (with condom; it isn't instantaneous) dropped off a sample. It is much less complicated for him, much less risky (no sedation or general; less risk of infection).

That was 2.5 years ago. After birth control side effects and worries about condom failure, it is truly great to enjoy sex without worry.

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