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April 07, 2011


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I can't believe you've only gained 8 lbs, you lucky girl! You look fabulous, and I think the kids are staring at a chicken in that picture. Or rocks. Equally exciting items at that creamery, in my opinion. :)

You look great! How exciting to know when Baby Brother 2.0's birthday will be. Sometimes it's nice to have a "deadline" of sorts. I hope the transition to Big Boy Bed goes well for Nathan. I'll bet he thinks it's cool once he sees it. (fingers crossed)

Another good job all around. It was fun visit and so smooth, just like that cow ice cream.

Sounds like a fun outing! You look great!

A friend of mine did this when taking away her child's paci, they went to Build-A-Bear (I know a little pricey) and put the paci in the bear. So her child would have the bear to help comfort her. I have also heard of having the child give them to the paci fairy.

These are just a few things I have heard, my daughter sucks her thumb so a little harder to get rid of that.

Good luck on the transition. It might not be as hard as you expect. He might enjoy being in the room with his big sister.

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