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April 25, 2011


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The room looks great! So glad it was an easy merge. Hope Nathan kicks the pacifier withdrawal fast.

Glad the merge went well! The room looks great!

I'm so glad it went well. Gosh they grow up fast...

You are so good at expressing the feelings I have had but never quite put into words! It does feel, in a way, like losing your "baby" when the new baby is coming along. But oh, when you see their delight at that new baby, it is the greatest thing in the world! I'm so glad this time mine are actually old enough to love our new baby and be sweet to her. I love them all the more for the sweet big sisters they are!

Sometimes I wish our "merge" wasn't necessary because when one doesn't nap, the other doesn't nap. But when we were considering moving to a larger house and we asked the girls if they wanted their own rooms, they both said, "NO!" I'm sure Kara and Nathan will love being together too!

Another good job. Your family is moving into the future. Everything looks, oh so good.

Awesome! Someday soon you will be so glad you wrote about this in such detail, because it's the kind of thing one forgets. I love the new room for two...we are hoping to merge our kids when we move in a couple months if Emily's sleeping through the night fairly consistently, even though (sniff sniff) there is no third baby on the way. I just think it's good for kids to share a room, helps them bond and learn to share better.

They are getting so big! {STOP IT!}

Keaton has the same car pillow only he rarely gets to spend the night with it because he stays up talking to it so we have to take it away in the interest of his and his sister's sleep :).
I know I've said this before but one of the best things we did was move Rowan and Keaton into the same room. They love it and even if we move into a place with more space, if they want to stay bunked up together we won't have the heart to separate them.

They are getting so big! Oh my! I'm glad the merge went smooth for you, and that Kara and Nathan love their new beds. :) Great job on decorating their room!

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