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May 24, 2011


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My youngest just turned two and isn't potty trained - or even close, really, but I am sending her to a little Children's Day In program one morning a week. At first I was just going to send my three year old but then I saw that they take kids from 9 months old and up so I figured I'd send the other one too. It's around $150 for six weeks, which is more than I wanted to spend this summer, because I wasn't going to spend ANY, but I figure it will be good for her to do something except be with me. I'm also due with our fourth in the fall, so I am looking forward to having a few hours a week where I am responsible for NO ONE. We're going to continue in ballet and go to the park and fill up our 'pool' (a tub we normally use for drinks) on the deck and just relax. It's getting busier and busier for us during the school year, so I want to chill out. I keep thinking we will plan a beach (NJ) vacation but I keep having all these pesky kids, so maybe next year. :)

My son is only 14 months and (I'm having another in August - so besides having a baby), I've made plans with a friend who has access to a pool to take the little tykes swimming every week. It's not much, but I'm excited to get him used to the water.

We're also going camping in a few weeks, which I'm simultaneously excited and nervous about. Naps and bedtime not in a crib? We'll see how that goes...

Your family IS gorgeous! I can't believe that "baby" Nathan has become such a big kid!

This summer we're doing some camping, swimming, hiking, park, beach and aquarium going. Megan will still be in daycare, which gives me the flexibility to hang out with Emily for the mornings or all day when I want to, and keep both kids when I can.

Three and a half is a fun age, isn't it?!

That sounds like a great plan! Kara and Nathan will have a blast. Our summer sounds pretty similar. Now that you've brought it up, I'm going to investigate and see if there's a tumbling class near us! We had talked about gymnastics, but the minimum age is 4. Dean's doing a 2-week swim class at the YMCA and we're going to buy a membership to the hands-on science museum. We're also travelling a lot. We are in the middle of a 2 week trip to Florida right now (visiting family and vacationing a bit), we'll be at my parents' place for July 4, then we'll head to DC to visit Marcus's parents at the beginning of August.

Yes, friend, don't forget to take good care of yourself after the c-section! And, you know, enjoy sniffing that baby.

Wow -- is it just me, or does Nathan look like Samantha in this picture? :)

The summer plan has been well thought out. An on going action plan is the best. Resting and getting back stenght is a good part of the plan. Well done, again.

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