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June 08, 2011


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Bristles. OMG. Adorable :)

You look amazing.

I love that you just referred to your boobs as "Thelma and Louise" for a variety of reasons. [Total aside: Did yo uknow it's the 20th anniversary of the movie's release? I remember seeing it in the theater with my mother during our girl's only northeast "college tour" when I was a high school junior. Man, I'm old.
I know the nesting thing is strong, but try to kick back and relax. All that babe's gonna need is a place to sleep, diaper, food, and you. Treat yourself to a manicure instead of worrying about baby swings or whatevs. :)

I adore the fact that you referred to your uterus as a "man cave." And "bristles." HA! I wish I could get coffee out of my girls. It would save so much time and money.

You look great! Cute shirt, by the way. I'm so excited his arrival is so close!

That's adorable. Men truly would never leave women's breasts alone if they produced coffee!

Kara is so innocent and adorable. Bristles. Love it.

You're looking amazing and I hope that if (when) we have a third baby I might look so good! Hang in there... almost there!

You look fantastic! And I love that people told you the baby was sitting high AND low on the same day! Very VERY cute shirt by the way!

You look great! I wish I could say the same thing about my weight, but I am higher than I have been with the other two at this point, probably for the exact opposite reason that you suspect. MS wasn't as bad as it was with the other two, so I think I gained more faster... We will see tomorrow if I am still climbing like crazy!

AJU5 keeps asking if the baby is ready to get out. I explain to her that now, it isn't big enough and we have a long time to go, but I don't think she totally gets in (and AJU6 has no clue what is about to happen I think).

Good luck!

Man cave. Ha! My daughter told someone that one breast had white milk and the other had chocolate :) They will say anything.I often wish the ground would provide a hole for me to crawl in. It doesn't stop when they get older either.
You look great by the way!

You look GREAT! *I'm* getting excited to meet baby brother!
And boob coffee would come in handy those first few weeks- Kara's the best.

That Kara is always thinking. And one of delightful aspects of small children is that they do think out loud so you can hear what they are thinking. :)

And, you do look very fit and pretty in the blue top.

Hahahaha, coffee from the breasts, too cute!

I love your shirt! I will need to find a cute shirt like that for my next pregnancy.

She is always thinking. What a fine mind she has on her shoulders!

Big or small we love them ALL.

There are many things that it would be convenient to have produced by breasts...Kara may be on to something!

You look fantastic. And so confident! And glowing!

In my house, the "bristles" are referred to as "piffles". Kids are so awesome without even trying :)

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