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June 15, 2011


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I really really wanted my own pillow at the hospital, so maybe that. Also some Lanisoh for those nipples like ground beef first couple of days, and a hell yes! to the Mother's Milk Tea.
Am so excited for you guys!

We are excited too. The time is almost here. We look forward to seeing baby brother very soon.

I agree with Kathie about the pillow. I had one of those snake-like pregnancy pillows that would have been nice for labor (which you won't have to deal with) and post-surgery. Don't forget your lip balm!! Have we discussed my love of the mesh panties? They were my favorite hospital souvenier. You look very pretty and ready to hold that little boy. :)

Regarding pillows: With Kara I brought my Boppy support pillow to help with breastfeeding positions, but I left it at home with Nathan and things were just fine, so I will just make do with the ones at the hospital. Not that it's an option now, anyway - I gave the pillow away shortly after Nathan was born and was too cheap to spend thirty-five bucks on a replacement, even though I loved it so. Sadness!

The lanolin, though - good call! I had actually already purchased this (along with disposable nursing pads, which I am debating bringing with me), I just forgot to add it to my bag. Problem solved now!

you look fabulous! go have a baby now! Love you, AD

Mother's Milk Tea worked really well for me after I had Aidan. Beware though, it can make your milk come in with a BANG!

Wish I could be more help with the hospital bag - It's been almost 4 years since my last trip and I was recently wondering what on earth I should bring this time.
I'm really uncomfortable in the evening (well my BACK is) at only 23 weeks, so I'm kind of dreading being where you are. You're almost there! Can't wait to see your little boy!

I like to have wipes with me, for the time after you've had the baby but before you can take a shower. Also, with my third, I had some bad itching from the ... morphine? I forget what, and I scratched my nose a little. I asked for neosporin but the nurse told me it would be WAY less complicated if I had my husband bring it, so now I take a mini first aid kid. To a hospital. I know that's dumb. Good luck!

Wow you look great. Except for the beautiful baby bump you are quite tiny. You don't seem to have put on any weight. In fact you look smaller. I always loved looking at my big baby belly but the term "you look like you're about to POP" really annoys me.As if I were a tick. I cannot wait to see another one of your beautiful newborns. My best to you and your family. I'm getting excited.

I second the lip balm. And the post c-section itchies, oh my goodness were they brutal - I also spent a couple hours itching my nose like a drug addict:)

And presents for Kara and Nathan if you're so inclined. I brought a stuffie and a couple books for Megan "from the baby" and then it turned out not to matter because the people who visited me in the hospital (just two friends + sister + bro in law) brought gifts for Megan. If you're not into stuff though by all means skip this excessive consumerism!!

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