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July 12, 2011


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I have to tell you--I always smile when I see your coffee-related posts on FB. Glad you're taking that time for yourself to caffeinate and relax a bit. Sounds like your party of five is getting along just fine. I'm so happy you've got your dreamy third baby. Take care of yourself!

So glad you're enjoying your maternity leave and being a family of 5! Wow, Liam looks so much like Kara in that last photo.

Love that picture of the two of your snoozing. He IS a snuggler and he's probably a chill little guy because he's got one wise mamma to love him.

Am so glad that you are enjoying so much your maternity leave, as well as Kara and Nathan.
LOVE that picture of you an Liam sleeping, its adorable!!
Try to rest as much as you can

He's so snuggly looking. Congrats!

AAWWWW, love the snooze picture! I STILL WANT TO HOLD HIM!

So happy for you that your party of five is making you feel great!

Love the pictures!

Luke is right, you need to take it easy! You can over do it. Relax and enjoy your beautiful family!

That pic of you two sleeping is adorable!

I read an interview with Sara Jessica Parker a few years ago, in which she said that she and Matthew Broderick talk excitedly about the coffee they're going to have the next morning as they're going to bed. You and SJP have so much in common! :)

He is coming right along as the new part of the family. Growing and growing.

Such a joy is that boy!

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