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July 28, 2011


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You look so very happy! Glad things are starting to move into "normal" mode for you and that your body is now on the road to recovery. Enjoy your time off. We all know how it seems to just fly by!

You really do look beautiful. I'm so sorry your recovery has been so painful. That, on top of the caring of a newborn would break ANYONE. But you are wiser now for not beating yourself up for it. Yay.

You look fantastic! Sorry you hit a few bumps in the road, but so glad you're falling into step with your new family dynamic. Liam is, of course, adorable, and I'm thrilled to see you so happy!

You look amazing in that last picture, lady! Motherhood times three agrees with you :)

Saying this is like the pot calling the kettle black or something, but cut yourself some slack with the house stuff. You just had a baby! I know how tough it is to let other people Do Things For You (oh how I know!) but for real. Take it easy. Enjoy these weeks before you head back to work. Snuggle that baby, play with those kids, take a nap ;)

I don't know who's more gorgeous in the last picture- you or that sweet boy.
I'm so sorry your recovery was so rough~ but that you pulled through it and are in such a great place now, only 4 weeks later, is just amazing.

You look SO GOOD!!! So sorry your recovery was rough, though. Those early days sure are hard, but once you see the light at the end of the tunnel it sure it wonderful. :)

AAAWWW Bree, you look GREAT, and he is a beautiful baby! enjoy, it goes fast!
Love AD

Kudos to you for the hard won perspective and wisdom. What an amazingly beautiful boy, to complete your full set of gorgeous children. Walmart miracle indeed :)

Don't mean this in any sense critically -- truly just curious -- how does Luke feel about the upgraded timeline on you returning to work? Just wondering because of my personal experiences with the awesomeness of SAHD's. :)

How did all that baby boy fit in side of you? Oh, right he has grown in the last four weeks. Joy for sure.

You look so fantastic! I can't believe you have had THREE babies. You have definitely kept your pregnancy glow. Being a mom of three looks great on you.

Also, your little prince is so amazingly cute!

Also, also, go you for going back to work early. Big props your way. Emma is seven months old and I can't even imagine going back. I miss working but just can't leave her. You are a strong woman!

Both you and Liam look wonderful. We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

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