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July 07, 2011


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He is a handsome little guy! Sounds like everyone is adjusting well to life with a little one. I hope he continues to be a delightful baby! As far as the medication that is just not fair! Enjoy your party of five!

I am sure that the agreeableness is due to your mad parenting skillz, and that the five of you are awesome. I am so sorry about the drug shortage.

Liam is just precious! And on the breastfeeding - I had to start supplementing from the very first hour and probably only really did it a week with baby #2. I was ok with it and figured there was no need to stress about something I really couldn't control. Glad you are feeling good about your decision right away because that is key! Enjoy the honeymoon phase and who knows - you may get a super calm, sleepy baby like we did that made that honeymoon phase last for MONTHS!

That is a precious little boy you have there. His chin is downright yummy. OMG 48 hours without meds!?!?!? You're a superwoman! That's awful. When I got home from my c-section and Marcus went to get my Rx filled, our drugstore was out. (WHO RUNS OUT OF PERCOCET!?!?) He had to go ino Manhattan to find some because I think I said something about not letting him back into the house without them. So glad the kiddos are loving their baby brother. Very, very happy for all of you! Thanks for all the pictures.

He is precious. That last picture is bordering on criminal for ALL THE CUTE.

And I would have thought/done the same thing about the meds re: oh noes! They'll think I'm drug seeking if I call too soon!

Wishing you a LONG Honeymoon period and a fast recovery~ what a beautiful family you have.

My third is almost a year old and my older two kids still call him "our baby." Because he is. He's not just mine & my husband's. Not a day goes by that I don't think about how glad I am that we decided to have a third after much debate. I can't imagine my family without him. Enjoy your family of five!

Oh look at him! And the other two look so grown up all of the sudden! Crazy. Congrats on your handsome guy!

When I had my first c-section, I got some kind of prescription painkillers that were great. The second c-section, the doc refused to prescribe anything other than some kind of suppository, which, NO THANK YOU. I was on Tylenol + Advil only once out of hospital and it, uh, sucked. I was so angry at the doc (who I hadn't met before since I'd planned a VBAC) for delaying my recovery, making me hobble doubled over in pain for the first two days home, but really, it worked out ok.

Ok that's MY blog post on why you are lucky to have ultimately gotten good drugs!

Your kids are adorable. Enjoy every cuddly newborn minute and keep documenting all those cute sayings from Kara and Nathan for their future wedding fodder!!

Congrats to you, your sweet little family is precious!

Time to change your blog banner again :D

You certainly have made three beautiful children together! Liam does not look very newborn! Love his chin in that first photo!

I have to say I love reading about your life because you've chosen a different path than I have. Hope you don't mind that I drop by and read. I don't comment very often but I am out here reading.

All the best!

Congratulations. You guys have the perfect meld of your genes, cause all your kids are absolutely adorable.

Two days with no painkillers? Lady, you are HARDCORE. I was hitting my pills every 4 hours on the dot when I had minor surgery on my KNEE. And those 4 hour stretches felt very, very long.

I'm so glad to hear you're all doing well! I'll take that tea and fenugreek off your hands in a few months :)

You might want to throw out the Fenugreek. There was a contamination of Fenugreek seeds in Europe.

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