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August 16, 2011


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He is gorgeous and you look great! I can't believe seven weeks have already passed!

I am a mom of two at this point (possibly a third in the next two to three years) but already know plastic surgery is in my future. I am NOT a person who would generally jump on that bandwagon but I have VERY large breasts and the mommy tummy. I will be having a breast reduction/lift along with a tummy tuck. I don't want it to just fit into clothes better but because, like you said, exercise and a healthy diet does NOTHING for extra skin. Anyway, it's definitely something that is five to seven years away but something my husband (who is 100% supportive) and I know is on the horizon someday.

And here I thought that this post would be about sleeping...

I think you're a smart, well- rounded person who will make the best choice for yourself when the time comes. Plus, you're young enough that your skin elasticity might bounce back to a reasonable place in the mean time.

And also: SO MUCH CUTE BABY. And HA! to the Nathan nickname. So true.

Look at him in that outfit!!!!!!!!

I agree with what Christy said. I have heard of a LOT of women who have to do this (or choose to). I had something profound to say about body image and such, but then Dean stole my bagel, so there that went. I'll try to remember and email you.

First of all, you rock for already being under your pre-pregnancy weight at just 6 weeks after giving birth. That in itself is something to be proud of. Let alone the gorgeous baby boy you have in these photos. :)

Second, even as a non-mom (yet), I already know that I'll need to leave my mind open to cosmetic surgery, be it a boob job or tummy tuck or what have you. I think you can still do what makes you feel best and teach your daughter about positive self-esteem and body image. In fact, not that I'm all pro-cosmetic surgery, but if you feel better about yourself, you won't have to say things like "Mommy doesn't want to get in the pool because she's too fat to wear a bathing suit." Those types of self-deprecating statements are where we learn low self-esteem. And I would totally say something like that to my daughter.

Good luck in your decision making! And I vote Ripped in 30. Haven't tried it, but looks cool.

Health is good. Just keep working on it.

You look awesome! And hyped-up-on-coffee!!

Good call on the tube tops. Pretty much everyone should have a zero tolerance policy on tube tops.

Take care and congratulations on a great recovery, Supermom!

Haven't been on your site in way too long! You look great Breain! Rosemary will be one next month and I'm STILL not at my prepregnancy weight. Nevertheless, whatever it is that you decide to do, I'm sure it will be the right thing. You do look great though.

P.S. The "Mommy Apron" thing made me LOL!

can you post a picture in a bikini so I can make my decision?


darling.......you looook mmmaaarrvvveeelllooouuuss!!!


If your diastasis causes you pain or herniates (which mine does, WHEE!) a tummy tuck is covered under insurance as a medical need, assuming you are done birthing babies.
But if it doesn't cause you much issue? I wouldn't worry about it. There are certain exercises you should NOT do so as not to make it worse (sit ups and plank being two of them) I wouldn't worry about mine if it didn't hurt so bad. Wah.
You look do look marvelous and happy. Which I love.

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