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September 07, 2011


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Thanks for the update and good luck with the back to work thing Bree!

Also...LOVE LOVE your carrier - is that a mei tei? With that, the trail, and the kids in matching khakis, you could be the cover for "Today's Parent":)

Oh and Nathan's enormous backpack is priceless.

Good luck today! First week is the hardest .

Good luck! I'm glad things are going so well. No am also curious about the carrier... So cute!

I hope that your day at work is wonderful. In addition to taking care of sweet Liam, you did a number of fun and meaningful things with your family of five. Take care.

LOVE that picture. Have a great first day back :).

That sure is one good looking BabyHawk! :P

I cannot BELIEVE that baby is 10 weeks old already. And that you're back to work. Where has the time gone? Sob.

Good luck back at work this week.

You make a good point about the older kids using the maternity leave to re-bond with mommy. It really isn't time for your to recover, at least not after the first couple weeks... the rest of the time is for you, them, the family. We don't get enough time but I'm glad you made the most use of it. You sound really happy. Good luck this week!

Holy smokes, 10 weeks already?!!? wow that went fast. I hope your first day back at work goes well!!!

You sound so very happy. That last photo says it all.

The kids are getting so big. Glad you had that time home with them. I hope if we are ever blessed with another child I will be able to take more than just six weeks. How did the transition back to working life go?

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