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February 05, 2012


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Oh dear I can't even begin to tell you how much we sympathize. We have the opportunity to go back to my home town ( back across the country) which we are taking - but it means we are going to be hit in a BIG way with the house. Luckily we did the roof and ac/furnace last year. But we felt like we needed to go home and be close to my in-laws (mil has bone cancer) and other family members. It's going to be an interesting year! Living with family until house sells eeek! Good luck with everything. I hope you have some great adventures!

I totally feel your pain. We always said we would only live in this house for five years, max. It'll be 6 in April. We tried to sell, but the market is awful and we couldn't afford to take a huge loss on it. So instead, we refinanced. Sure, it set us back to a 30 yr mortgage all over again, but the extra monthly savings, the cash back we received, and the reduced interest rate are all well worth it. We still hope to be able to move in a couple of years (before our baby reaches Kindergarten) but we're going to make the most out of our current location while we can. It's like the Maya Angelou quote - if you can't change it, change your attitude. And that is what we've had to do. Good luck!

Good golly, do I hear ya. We recently found out we'd still owe close to $20,000 on our house if we sold. No thanks! I feel so "in flux" right now, which does not set well with me. I hope you guys are able to do whatever your hears desire, mortgages be damned!

Again, well thought out: that is good science to always be looking at what is and what could be. As Abe Lincoln said," I will study and get ready and then maybe my chance will come." (That quote is on a match book cover that I have had since my IU days of old.)

Goole give the Lincoln quote in a different way:"I will prepare and my chance will come."

We're talking moving closer to DH's job since he has a 45 min commute on a good day. Our next door neighbor's house is on the market for $400K something, 2 doors down is on the market for $1 million plus. Unfortunately our house is more likely to fall closer to the lower end.

The only good news is that the housing market closer to his job is equally as depressed as ours; so, if we can sell our house we won't be priced out of the area, and the cost of living should be less.

As an exercise in frustration, I'm trying to look at our house like a buyer and figure out what we're going to need to do (hiring a painter is high on the list since I don't do scaffolding!) to get it ready to sell, so like you it will be a little bit of effort here and there and not a lump out-of-pocket, gag-inducing expense.

It /is/ frustrating when one seemingly immovable item is holding you back from everything else. Any work-arounds?

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