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November 10, 2012


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Ooh a cliffhanger! I'm especially interested in this one. You know we're in that weird "flux" year of figuring out whether or not we're staying put or going, so I'm eager to hear how you two made the decision to stay. I'll play along and start my own lists today. That's a pretty genius idea.

Also, holy crap, it's nice to read your blog every day!

Ha! After the last sentence the first thing out of my mouth was "Ooh a cliffhanger!" but that southerner beat me to it. Can't wait to hear how things have evolved over the last year. Bill and I have been in the opposite situation in the past~ wanting to pick up and get away from our families {I know, we're terrible people}. We love them but sometimes being in such close proximity complicates relationships. The babysitters and having the kids grow up close to their cousins get us every time though. That and Bill has great job security and flexibility and those are so important with little ones. All this to say...I really get why this has been such a rollercoaster decision for you guys. Can't wait to read more!

These life decisions can be tricky. We miss that you do not live close; but on the other hand, you are not that far away.

Plus, babysitting our wonderful grandchildren is always a pleasure and not very taxing as they are so well-behaved.

Really enjoying you posting often! We're in suspense now!!

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