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July 01, 2013


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I've never had a smart phone. We don't even have a texting plan. /Gasp!/ My husband does have an iPhone for work, but he's never gotten into social media. I have a hard enough time not compulsively checking email/FB/twitter on the computer when we're home, a smart phone would probably be a very dangerous thing for me!

Good luck with the exercise thing! I need to do it, but I'm better at finding excuses to not do it than actually (as Nike says) just do it.

I feel you on the exercise thing. I lost all of the baby weight within 4 weeks of having Ezra and then promptly put half of it back on over the course of the winter while we sat in front of the TV with fancy cheeses and wine every night to wind down. NOT SMART. I was very close to just saying eff it, I don't care if I'm chubby but last week I caved and now am up at 5:45 4-5 days a week running like an idiot :).
If I were smart I'd get rid of my iPhone and use that money on a gym membership but I'm fairly certain I would die without Instagram.

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  • "The Lord is my helper,
    I will not be afraid.
    What can anyone do to me?"
    - Hebrews 13:6

    "The best way out is always through."
    - Robert Frost

    "Breathe, pray, be kind, stop grabbing."
    - Anne Lamott

    "Mere completion is a rather honorable achievement in its own right."
    - Liz Gilbert

    "When we tell our stories,
    we change the world."
    - Brené Brown