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August 13, 2013


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Glad to see you made it through the day. It is hard to let our babies go. They are more ready than we are. It is great to see how excited they are to go to school! I am sure you both will have a great school year!

When my daughter had her first day of K, I had a little tear in my eye. I had to get to my class of 4th and 5th graders, so I held it together. I did cry at the end of the year with her teacher when we were talking about her end of the year program. My daughter started 1st today, and the day didn't go as planned as far as drop off.

Going to Kindergarten certainly is a huge milestone, and Kara seems so ready to meet this challenge. And yet, it does seem like she was born yesterday .

A good job by all. The school year is going to go by pretty fast. There was a very fine start for everyone.

How is this even possible when I'm pretty sure she still looks like this: http://www.lookingatfrema.com/2008/05/heres-a-categor.html

I laughed out loud while wanting to cry, too. I love the M'Lynn reference but can empathize as well. I love you so much!

M'LYNN! Wow, these kiddos are growing up too fast. Glad she had a good first day! Hope it's a great year for her.

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