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August 07, 2013


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I hope that the first day of school goes well for our sweet girl and her parents.

The drawing of Kara walking to the bus is oh, so positive. She is ready for the school situation. Just look at her thinking about nature in the above picture. She thinks, problem solves, and does the right poistive choices. And where needed, there is super parental guidance.

Hope she had a great first day of school. I also hope she has a great year.

It is fun to watch them grow and become wonderful people. It is also hard, because we do still see them as our babies.

It is hard to let them go. I am lucky that I work at the school my daughter goes to. I'm not too sure I would have been as calm last year when she started Kinder.

My oldest "baby" started Kindergarten and oh yes, trusting her to the universe (as you put it so well), is indeed the hardest part!!! Although I do also think I may have a nervous breakdown whenever I think about how in the world I'm going to have time to practice sight words with her, help her with her homework, hold down a full time job, and raise her and my other two munchkins. Oh boy. Here we go. The real stuff starts now.

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